Why 50/50 Shirts Are Popular

In warm weather it&rsquo;s important to find a garment that is comfortable. T-shirts offer comfort and breathability in warmer weather. Before the 1950&rsquo;s t-shirts were mostly used as undergarments to protect dress shirts from sweat, however Marlon Brando helped change this. He began wearing the t-shirt as outwear which aided in the promotion of t-shirts. This is how 50/50 t-shirts became popular.<br><br>Modern T-Shirts<br><br>Everywhere we look we see people wearing t-shirts. T-shirts are common for many different reasons. One of the obvious reasons is because they are very comfortable. Usually made out of a soft lightweight material, t-shirts are the ideal garment to be worn close to the body. There are always exceptions, but for the most part t-shirts are relatively inexpensive. Being inexpensive makes them ideal for working or playing where getting dirty is a possibility.<br><br>Styles<br><br>These days, T-shirts come in a large variety of styles. T-shirts have long sleeves, short sleeves, with or without pockets, crew necks, v-necks, etc&hellip; The possibilities are endless when it comes to colors and printed t-shirts. People put company logos on t-shirts to be used as uniforms or just to advertise their company name. Some people used t-shirts to express themselves with different sayings or quotes, different brand loyalties, favorite type of dog or pet, and anything you can think of.<br><br>Safety<br><br>T-shirts are also used to comply with safety standards as well. Instead of wearing bulky vests or name badges that get in the way, the same can be accomplished with comfortable, wearable, t-shirts. Construction workers, for example, work in the heat, a t-shirts gives them the breathability but also helps distinguish the fact that they are a worker and can even identify them. The t-shirts meet the American National Safety Institute in regards to standards both the long sleeved and short sleeved choices. They can also feature reflective strips to make the wearer much more visible.<br><br>Materials<br><br>It's important that work materials be comfortable. T-shirts are made from a variety of materials from cotton to polyester or sometimes both. They feature knit fabrics and have elasticity to them. The shirts are very versatile and can easily accommodate all seizes. In addition to fabrics there are many kinds of threads that can be used as well. Some shirts can even feature a monofilament thread. The collars on the t-shirts are normally reinforced so that it helps t-shirts maintain their shape and strengthen stress points on the garment.<br><br>Manufacturing<br><br>Because t-shirts are relatively easy to design and manufacture, companies will often do the designing. Companies will create a tubular design in order to decrease the amount of seams that need to be sewn on the garment. If a machine can mass produce a t-shirt it leads to a much lower cost. Often times companies and the government will create standards for the 50/50 t-shirts. These standards include the number of stitches that must occur per seam, how the collar is supposed to lay on the wearer, and other qualities of t-shirts that most people take for granted. Labels also accompany the t-shirt with information regarding where the shirt originated and how to maintain the shirt.<br><br>So, although <a href="http://www.viewbritesafetyproducts.com/ANSI-Safety-Orange-T-Shirt-50-50-Cotton-Polyester-p/tsh2501-p.htm" target='_blank'>50/50 ANSI safety t-shirts</a> haven't been around all that long, they have certainly made an impact on the safety industry as well as fashion in general. These t-shirts are found in bright colors like orange and lime green in the safety industry to help identify and allow for high visibility. It is very important that all safety gear like 50/50 t-shirts and <a href="http://www.viewbritesafetyproducts.com/Safety-Vests-s/12.htm" target='_blank'>ANSI vests</a> are cared for properly and well maintained in order to provide maximum protection and guarantee their effective use.

Loot (2011) - Full Movie - w/ English Subtitles

Full movie "Loot" (2011), in DVDRip, with English Subtitles.

Released: 4 November, 2011

Four friends are sent on a mission to Pattaya, to loot a house full of millions. The four idiots accidentally end up robbing the wrong house, and realize they have robbed an underworld don's house. To run away, they steal a random car from the road, unknowing that the car belongs to an local gangster. This is how they get on trouble, and in this on-the-run comedy, the four are running away from the underworld; police aswell as gangsters, to add more masala to it; they investigate that the person who actually sent them to the mission to loot, is actually behind all of this!

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