What are fire safes, burglary safes and Storage Safes? What’s the difference?


Fire safes, burglary safes and Storage Safes? L 1

What's the difference? L 1

There are plenty of safes to choose from, to be sure, and the arduous task to make sure you buy the right can be a little intimidating. A great resource to get information before buying a safe is to check with your insurer so you can be sure to qualify for discounts on your premium. That being said, there is all the difference between fire safes, burglary safes and secure storage (although there are several variants of each). L 1

To to the taxonomy of safes a bit difficult to navigate, the truth is that any safe can come as a fireproof safe. Fire safes "are" fireproof "or rather, mostly fire and water. They are not necessarily the best at defending against theft. Burglary safes are especially useful in thwarting theft, but not so good at fire. storage modules, usually as locking filing cabinets, are usually fire, but the lock was not created to fend off a professional level burglars usually storage lockers are designed for children to deter entry school, or chemicals, etc. The locks are usually to have access to frustrate, but there are different levels of secure storage characteristics -.. There are storage cabinets that can certainly be a lot more valuable bulwark items.

Those are the main differences between the fire, burglary and storage safes. Of course, as I said, no safe can come with features that defend against fire and theft, so is entitled to these safes can be divided into separate categories? Not necessarily. "Fireproof" and "burglary" are more like two upgrade options you can apply to almost any type of safe. 'Storage' lockers and safes, on the other hand, are more of a different type or category of secure altogether.

What type of storage Security are there? L 1

This depends on what you want to save. When the term "safe storage" or "cabinet" is used, it usually indicates a freestanding cabinet with metal-covered doors and walls. Think of the typical public school classroom where his supplies to be stored. This is the typical storage cabinet or safe. This can be upgraded in many ways, and companies like Fire King ® are producing a range of levels of protection in this kind safe.

Another type of storage media secure a safe that can store paper-like products or files. Another type is a microwave-safe style, so named because of its shape, a small box that is roughly the size of a microwave. This kind of safe may or may not offer explosion, flood, theft, fire and fall prevention, depending on the weather upgrades.

Still a different type of data storage vault is a safe or secure data storage. This is specially designed to store and protect your electronic storage media, and electronic gadgets. These usually come with the ability to be connected to the computer, and usually a shop .. external hard drive or similar items This type is very safe especially designed for water and fire, and theft-proof to many times, they offer protection from impact and explosion, and three key characteristics of data storage vaults:. L 1

1) They do not allow the internal temperature is safe to reach critical levels. For data devices, this means that the internal temperature reaches only 125 to the maximum content protection. The only way to store safely to ensure this level of protection is to make sure it has a certified seal of the laboratory of the Underwriter that it classifies as the UL "fireproof" fire resistance class 125.

2) They protect moisture. Different manufacturers use their own secure methods, ranging from a device that-moistened with a desiccant material coverings of the safe. Humidity, and water of the data storage devices.

3) usually they have an influence, theft and explosion ratings are not common to all vaults offer. In general, data storage modules, most protection in home safes in addition to a GSA-rated storage offering. GSA vaults and storage rooms offer the most protection, attack with heavy weapons. They are usually large room, designed to protect human life from storms, to serve as shelters, protection against sieges and like.

What do I need? L 1

This will depend on answering a few questions:? A) What are you protecting B) What are the size and budget constraints C) What level of protection you want to guard against an L?

As the size of the vault, it's always a good policy to secure bigger than you think you should buy. Otherwise, buying many smaller safes quickly up.

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There Many upgrades are available and vary from company to company. Knowing these answers, but will allow you the right to choose safe for your needs and can be answered by a secure dealer of your choice. Make sure you know your needs, and any respectable dealer is to guide you from there.

Buyer Beware! Some Quick Tips on Fire Safes & UL Ratings L 1

Some non-negotiable features to think about: you need to buy with real standards vaults dating back to the manufacturer's claims example every fireproof safe, make absolutely sure that it is safe is supported by the. UL stamp of approval. There must be an indication that the safety record has been approved by the Underwriter's Laboratory. Why? This is really the only safe-guard you need to ensure the safe real fire, and not "fireproof." Such a designation is meaningless, and indicates poor workmanship right of the word "go." 1

Unfortunately L, the industry is safe not immune to nefarious business practices. There are plenty of lightweight, thin-walled, would-be "standards" that many manufacturers employ themselves. Without a standard against which their progress, such as measuring the UL fire-rating system, all the promises of protection are viewed askance.

For example, if you find safes that "UL Listed" or "UL tested," these are not fireproof, nor the actual fire safes stamp the word "classified" above the UL logo, and the following information:. L 1




No L 1




: Class-X # HR

No L 1

The letter "X" would be a classification of 125, 150 or 350. This is reflected in the internal temperature of the safe at a fire with temperatures up to 1500 to 2000 degrees F, depending on the test. The "#" would be a number, usually ½, 1, 2, 3 or even 4. It stands for the duration of the vault, in hours, the test fire. The lower the number of the "Class", the better the protection The higher the number for the "HR", the better the endurance a one-half (½ "), it would be absolute minimum for the UL rating follows: .. 30 minutes or half hour. Lastly, the words "As to Fire and impact resistance" refers to the fact that the safe bearing this label has been shown to resist the effects of 30-foot drops. This is useful protection in the event of a fire raging, where a 600-lb. safe can easily drop by a weakened framing structure.

Click here for the UB site documentation if you have any questions about what a true UL label should look like, and what to look at fire ratings.

One last note on the UL fire ratings for fire safes, there is a world of confusion when it comes to an item is "UL", "tested", or "rating" Be sure when purchasing a fireproof safe, you should buy a safe with the above information with the UL logo, it is recorded as "classified" and the mention of "Rating," anything less is simply a ruse by the safe operation designed to close a sale, not protect your belongings.

One last tip on buying and fire safes burglary safes. Make sure that the consumer reports and testimonies Sure, the secure tag, the total thickness of the door claim 3, and the bolts may seem great that bolt the door closed, but too many companies have shoddy construction. Many times , the 3 "or so thick includes 1-2" of plasterboard and many sheets, easily broken or burned. Do not buy a safe that seems too good to be true as regards the pricing and weight. UL listing ensure that proper care is in place, and that you have read the complaints about the manufacturer.

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