The Many Colors And Reason For Safety Vests

There is a whole variety of jobs that put people close to dangerous roadways. These jobs are not only hazardous in this way, but the nature of the job itself can be potentially dangerous. Additionally, if weather conditions turn sour, things can quickly get even more dangerous. The stats show that over 100 people are killed every year in construction, along with 20,000 who get injured. Safety is enormously important in construction, along with other jobs that take place near roads, like firefighting, emergency medical services,police work, and more. With this added hazard, protective clothing and equipment is a must. Safety vests, easy-to-see traffic cones, spotlights, and more are all necessary. There are many different types of <a href="" target='_blank'>safety vests</a>, and it's important to get the right one for whatever job is needed. Going online makes it easy to get the correct vests for the correct job.<br><br>Anyone who has driven along the highway has seen construction workers in their neon vests or safety tee shirts. These vests are very important in construction, as it's quite a dangerous job. Not only are workers navigating through incomplete buildings and weaving around piles of materials, but they also work from large heights, operate dangerous machinery. One of the biggest hazards is working near the highway, and this is where the high-visibility vests come in. These vests are generally neon green or neon orange and feature an ultra-reflective silver tape. These vests are required to meet safety standards put forth by the FHWA, and all the vests that workers wear are required to meet these standards. In addition, they come with a five-point breakaway feature that makes it possible for workers to disengage from the vest should it get snagged on something.<br><br>The first people on the site of any medical emergency are the EMTs. A common place for these emergencies to occur is on the road, so being safe and visible while on the job makes it easier to focus on helping someone without putting themselves in danger. The safety vests worn by EMTs come in bright neon green. Reflective silver tape is laid across a contrasting green background. "EMS" is written on the front and on the back, making it easy to see them while they are near the road.<br><br>Policemen often have to deal with traffic, whether it's directing traffic, arriving at the scene of an emergency, or anything else. As with construction and EMT work, it's important that high-visibility safety vests are worn to keep law enforcement officials safe during these times. Neon green mesh safety vests are the signature of police officers, and they come with contrasting blue details, high-contrast silver tape, and "police" written across the front and the back to quickly identify officials at a scene.<br><br>In addition to safety vests for these specific jobs, there are also ones made for firefighters, security officials, sheriffs, and more, which come in the appropriate colors and labels.<br><br>When faced with the task of equipping construction workers, police officers, EMS, or more with safety vest, head online, where everything you need is available in one spot at competitive prices. Even better, should you order in bulk, you can save money and equip a group big or small conveniently and affordably even with products like <a href="" target='_blank'>safety tee shirts</a>. Safety is so important for anyone working near the highway, and ensuring the safety of these workers is easier than ever.

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Each year men and women are injured or killed while working on or near roadways. Construction workers, law enforcement personnel and first responders are all at risk of blending into their backgrounds and not being seen by motorists. Wearing reflective safety vests can literally save your life.

Companies cannot send their workers into the field without ANSI approved vests. Accidents can happen anytime and danger lurks almost anywhere.

Our mission is to provide safety products and supplies that keep your employees safe. We are your one-stop source for all your safety gear requirements: hi-visibility clothing including ANSI approved safety vests and t-shirts, jackets, raingear, hard hats, hearing protection, traffic cones and more. You won't need to look any further for quality and value.

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