Stab Proof Vests: Should Security Officers Wear Them?

You may be aware that the Home Office Scientific Development Branch provides the certification for stab vest protection. KR1 (Knife Resistance Level 1) is the most commonly used stab vest protection, and this is often paired with SP1 (Spike Protection Level 1). However, it is key to point out that SP1 does not cover syringe protection, although many people think it does, and that there is not a Home Office standard for syringe protection. This needs to be considered careful in this current social environment. There are a lot of stab vests on the market that will imply that SP1 covers syringe protection but it doesn't. So the question remains how can you make sure your staff are protected?<br><br>Experts recommend that you carry out a risk assessment to see what threats your staff are likely to face in their place of work. Make sure that you carry out a risk assessment taking into account the threats your staff may face. This means the risks that are found in your locality (contact the police if you can) in addition to the risks that are specific to their job. These are the key questions to ask:<br><br><ul style='list-style-type:disc'><li>Is there also a danger of guns?</li><li>Are your staff at danger from knives and spikes?</li><li>Is there an additional threat from blunt trauma and syringes?</li></ul><br><br>If your risk assessment states that your <a href="" target='_blank'>stab vests</a> should include protection from syringes, we recommend the following. Make sure that you ask your supplier to visit you with the stab vests and to demonstrate the syringe-resistant capabilities of their products. We think this is essential when you are dealing with such a potentially life saving protective clothing as a stab vest. Any honest supplier will be pleased to do this to demonstrate how effective their products are at protecting your employees.<br><br><a href="" target='_blank'>Keltic Clothing</a> are the UK's largest manufacturer and supplier of and tactical vests to local councils, the NHS, government departments and blue chip companies. We work at the forefront of technology, and our protective clothing is the lightest, most flexible and therefore most comfy in the industry, whilst still meeting Home Office and CE Mark standards. We offer seven different styles - the widest stock range on the market, and a unique system that allows you to interchange styles whilst using the same armour inside. We hold large stocks of all styles in all sizes and protection levels, giving you next day delivery with no minimum order. We can also print or stitch a logo for your stab vests, in any design, free of charge.

PPSS - The Best Stab Proof Vests in the World | This striking video demonstration of our UK Home Office (HOSDB) certified Covert KR1 stab proof vests and body armour, offering great protection from knives, needles, glass and broken bottles as well as unrivalled blunt trauma protection from impact based assaults such as kicks, punches and blows. Something you are dealing with every single day? Robert Kaiser our CEO is demonstrating his real trust in this groundbreaking product! Please visit:

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