Safety Vests – Retaining Employees Safe Although Keeping Efficiency

The construction business is one of the biggest in the country with about 9 million people who do construction, but it's also one of the most dangerous. That being said, safety is of the utmost importance, which is tricky in construction since the hazards present themselves in more than one way. For instance, construction workers are often working from heights or from buildings that might not be stable yet. Additionally, they are using tools that have the potential to cause extreme harm. One of the most dangerous qualities is the simple fact that construction often takes place along busy roads, and this makes wearing a <a href="" target='_blank'>safety vests</a> is imperative to their safety.<br><br>The job of these vests is to make workers more visible to both other people and fellow workers, especially in bad weather conditions and along side roads with lots of traffic. Usually a safety vest comes in a neon orange or neon green with tape accents that are very reflective, so they aim for the maximum amount of visibility, one of the official standards required of these safety vests.<br><br>The FHWA, or the Federal Highway Administration, created a rule that became effective in 2008 to create standards for these sorts of vests. ANSI Class 2 or class 3 safety vest are required for any work done near highways. The injury and death rates for construction workers are staggering - more than 100 are killed and 20,000 are injured every year - and the FHWA created this rule aiming to lower this number as much as possible. By wearing these highly visible vests, you and your fellow workers can remain safe and secure, even while working around traffic.<br><br>Safety vests come with several other added perks in addition to visibility, and they can actually make a worker's job easier. A five-point breakaway system makes it easy for workers to get out of a vest in the case of getting tangled or snagged on something. A worker can also adjust the length, so that a tool belt is easily reachable. Additionally, a Velcro sizing adjustment tab helps make sure the vest isn't too baggy, which could result in getting snagged or caught. Other useful features are the mic tabs on the shoulder.<br><br>If you are faced with the task of getting safety vests for you or your construction workers, go online. From here, you can get all the equipment that meets FHWA standards, including vests, hardhats, spotlights, traffic cones, and much more. No matter whether you are trying to get equipment for a small team or a larger one, you can do it all online. In addition to construction safety vests, EMT, police, and firefighter safety vests can be purchased here as well, complete with the correct coloring and labels.<br><br>Getting your <a href="" target='_blank'>class 3 safety vest</a> online can be a huge advantage, as you can get everything you need all in one spot. Plus, there's also bulk pricing, which can help you save a lot of money on your equipment. Websites that sell this equipment usually also offer easy-to-use site organization and navigation, as well as fast and free shipping on certain items. Informational videos, product descriptions, lots of photographs, useful information, and more are also available on these sites, making shopping quick and simple. Dedicated and knowledgeable customer service is always an important quality, so if you are in the market for a safety vests or any other piece of safety equipment, go online and check it out.

Safety Vests, High Visibility Clothing at Clothing For All
Safety Vests & Clothing
The purpose of high visibility jackets and hats is obvious, safety. In the United States, there is a work zone injury every 13 minutes. Hazards like traffic, heavy equipment and inclement weather can put workers at significant risk, so being seen is vital.
Making crews more visible greatly enhances safety and reduces accidents. Our high visibility safety work wear, such as safety green and orange t-shirts and polo shirts helps keep workers safe by making them stand out on the job. Many styles of reflective vests, safety hats and other clothes are ANSI certified, which means they have been tested by an independent laboratory to meet the rigid standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
The ANSU/ISEA 107-2004 is the accepted standard for the design and performance of high-visibility safety apparel. The performance classes are generally based on worker hazards and tasks, the job site's complexity and background and vehicular traffic and speed. We well ANSI Class 3 for the highest level of visibility, ANSI Class 2 for workers who are exposed to traffic traveling over 25 mph and who are working against complex backgrounds. NON-ANSI is color enhanced clothing for low risk activities but does not meet ANSI standards.
Clothing4All has 60 styles of safety hats, jackets, sweatshirts, vests, bags, polo and t-shirts.

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