Safety Vests Imply To America Fluorescent Colors Are Preferred For Protection

Americans have become accustom to the cautions of neon orange, green and yellow <a href="" target='_blank'>high visibility vests</a>. It all happened silently as the highly visible colors alerted drivers to slow down in cities and on roads across the nation. The trend was implemented first by industry with standards set by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). Eventually the Federal and state governments followed suit for their employees. Sports enthusiasts enjoying the roads also adopted the idea.<br> <br>Hunters are also required by law to wear the blaze orange gear, such as safety tee shirts, when game hunting inside dense woods. The color has become successful at alerting other sportsmen to their fellow hunters where visibility is low. This has proven successful at preventing accidents during game season.<br> <br>A sports enthusiast who walks, runs or hikes is obliged to wear the protective sleeveless waistcoat. Safety risks are substantially lowered by the increased visibility of people who enjoy the sports along or across highways. The retro-reflective gear better ensures safety for runners in marathons and cyclists on rides along the open highways.<br> <br>The media workers have also been included and required to wear the neon colored vests. The federal act was legislated in 2008 and media workers around federal right-of-ways and on highways also have to don the highly visible neon colors. The decrease in driving related injuries encouraged the government to protect these workers on and around the federal highways.<br> <br>Proof for the value of the safety vest is found in its use for Police Officers. The number of Policemen killed by firearms was the most devastating statistic. In 2009, that changed for on duty Police Officers. Three-thousand of America's finest were saved by wearing the specially designed protective vest colored blue with retro-reflectors.<br> <br>The cities flaunt their people in yellow and orange as they work and play everyday. The road workers, paramedics, cyclists, traffic directors, and school crossing guards in our own towns have been marked with high visibility colors. Each day they remind the cities that safety is important to the masses. The people include children, construction workers, firemen, policemen, and first responders.<br> <br>Class 1 is a bright color used for low visibility by government and state workers who are exposed to slow traffic. This includes workers around sidewalks,maintenance crews and parking lot attendants. The next Class 2 vest is approved for people who work near traffic that goes about 25 miles per hour and the protective garment has intermediate visibility. Finally, workers exposed to traffic going speeds of 50 mph wear Class 3 protection, which is at the highest visibility to keep employees safe.<br> <br>In conclusion, high visibility vests and <a href="" target='_blank'>orange t-shirt</a>, have become a part of the scenery in the US, which prompts people to remember to drive carefully. It is certain that most times, the brilliant colored waistcoats in neon orange or yellow are worn by workers around roads both federal and state. America's sports enthusiasts also bear the retro-reflective clothing in the woods, marathons and bike races. So heed to the neon orange, green and yellow the next time the colors catch your eye.

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Each year men and women are injured or killed while working on or near roadways. Construction workers, law enforcement personnel and first responders are all at risk of blending into their backgrounds and not being seen by motorists. Wearing reflective safety vests can literally save your life.

Companies cannot send their workers into the field without ANSI approved vests. Accidents can happen anytime and danger lurks almost anywhere.

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