Military Boots Make The Soldiers Role Less Difficult

Combat boots are one of the most unassuming pieces of military clothing that a soldier gets to wear. The fighting services don’t always conjure up images of the military boots when people think about them. Many will think about the big artillery guns, warships and missiles when they imagine the armed forces in their head. Sometimes it happens that people don’t consider all the things that are imperative to something happening successfully.

For many soldiers, military boots need to be able to help them perform some of the most horrendous tasks They need to be able to take them across some of the harshest terrains. Military boots also need to make sure that combat soldiers can fight in any kind of weather. Military forces including the navy and law enforcement services such as the police all choose to wear military combat boots which enable them to effectively manage many difficult situations.

There are many types of combat military boots that can be purchased in many styles which incorporate the numerous amounts of new technology that makes them able to handle really tough situations. Military boots are often fireproof in the modern age. This makes them suitable for army soldiers but equally as suitable for firefighters who will naturally come into contact with fire on a regular basis.

Military boots can also double up as safety boots because more often than not the toes and the soles will have been reinforced with steel or another composite material. The feet of those who have protection from the safety boots will benefit from the additional toe and sole strengthening materials used in the boots. Indeed, it can be said that without the best kinds of safety military boots, soldiers are clearly putting their lives at risk.

Much has been made in recent times about the quality of the equipment that is used to ensure that soldiers are able to fight properly. Being badly prepared can mean that even their military boots are not up to scratch. This is why many soldiers have begun purchasing their own boots when the forces they serve provide them with sub-standard military boots.

Interview with Joseph A. Hatala, WWII veteran. CCSU Veterans History Project

Interview conducted by Eileen Hurst. Joseph Hatala was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1942. He went to basic training at Camp Edwards, Mass., where they learned mostly about marching and firing weapons. Shortly after, his unit, the 406th Anti-aircraft battalion was sent overseas to North Africa. Hatala worked as a heavy machine gunner in the unit, and his main job was to protect the heavy artillery. After North Africa, the battalion was sent to Sicily by LST, where they stayed until the campaign was over. The anti-aircraft unit was then switched to the infantry where they worked as combat engineers in the 5th Army. Their job was to oversee the construction and repair of bridges and roads. Hatala remained with this unit until the end of World War II, traveling across Europe and Northern Africa. He was discharged in 1945, and returned to Connecticut where he worked at Pratt and Whitney for 43 years.

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