In Ground Safety – Perhaps the safest way to protect your valuables

In Ground Safe - Perhaps the safest way to protect your valuables L 1

With different varieties of home safes on the market, perhaps the safest way to property protection (apart from a GSA approved safe) is to get one in the ground safely. These are often used in commercial applications, but home floor safe technology and design is very popular with homeowners who want their investments and important documents to protect against misfortune. It's also a good choice for the storage of precious metals and other liquid assets.

Floor safes are typically fire and burglary resistant and higher-end models offer water resistance and the reason for the water resistance due to their nature. Installed in the floor, they are susceptible to water damage in the event of flooding or broken water pipes. Many people install their home floor safe in the basement, making the problem worse in the case of a water-related disaster. You want to be sure that if you are a flooring safe buying, then sure it is rated as a fireproof floor safe, and that it provides UL rated burglary And remember, if you buy a fireproof floor safe, that must also be judged as a watertight floor safe:. it will drain water from the fire in your safe, the destruction of a paper contents.

Installation in the ground safely be performed by a professional, and the best location would be cemented in the floor or foundation. For this reason, planning ahead for renovations or additions to your home or business and coordinating the installation the best results and save the most money. It is possible for a house floor after the installation of safe, but the extra cost of demolition will be considered in that point.

For the typical after-market installation, the concrete floor is cut and jack-developed. Then a hole is dug, prepared for the re-casting of new concrete, and then the safe is installed and new concrete is poured. Floor Safes work best when installed in concrete, but it is not uncommon in the house floor safe installed in floating floor homes, between the floor joists.

Two disadvantages of the house floor safe are the installation issues, since aftermarket installations can be a significant amount to add to the overall price;. And the fact that not very much space compared accommodate other forms of safe home construction includes Typically the bus-type models, which do not offer as much room as the box-type versions now available. Yet there are important advantages that this type of safe can offer.

Benefits In Ground Safe L 1

Security in Disguise L 1

Whether you buy your floor safe for your jewelry , documents, extra cash or precious metals store, getting into the ground safely is one of the best bets for safety. One of the advantages is that they are easily out of sight. Wall safes are a bit more popular because they can be easier to install, but as such they are also more susceptible to discovery. If a burglar does not know where you are safe, he or she will not be able to exploit. L 1

The location of the floor safe will lend to this benefit, if you can install in a place where an intruder would not be able or want to spend time searching. You can install a heavy device such as a refrigerator or freezer, or a bookcase or a desk. for the safe with a rug or other coverage will also mask its whereabouts.

Unlike a stand-alone safe, actually invite or provoke a break-in, safe in the ground, not susceptible to discovery. Aboveground vaults, when discovered, offer the advantage of a thief finding one place in the house where all the valuables are probably saved. This is a temptation to raid. Of course, access to the ground safely is a problem if you plan on access to it regularly, but even then, cloaking the house floor safe is a breeze compared to other models safes.

Save space and your valuables L 1

A home floor safe uses of space that would otherwise be considered "dead space", and uses this space for your benefit. This maximizes both your safety and your living space, a clear advantage over stand-alone models. Unlike a wall safe, floor safes home have a greater capacity. More items can be protected. Another concern that is averted on the floor safes is that you can use heavy objects to store than you would with a wall version.

A fireproof floor safe is a great place for all your paper documents, paper money, and storage of all important papers such goods arising from the added security offered by a basically safe. These safes are designed to withstand crushing damage, so in case of a house fire with heavy potential to drop bars - and maybe even the upper floors collapse, your content is safe should be well protected.

Safe In Ground Buyer's Guide L 1

Buying a safe for your valuables to protect requires research and careful planning. Consider the following when purchasing a fireproof floor safe.

1. Is it safe to give you the space you need? This is important, especially if a hidden home safes floor safe, because this is not going to be as broad as a freestanding safe. Make sure you contact the manufacturer and give them a list of your possessions, or at least in the distance measurements and the plan. Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying more than a safe for your home or business, but a budget is a budget! L 1

2. Where will you do? sure you want to make use of dead space in the floor, but you want to make sure you plan ahead for your safety benefit when you need to think in the safe. - If you use it? home, you want it in the middle of the living room floor One of the strong advantages of a basically safe is the art of concealment, so that would not be the best idea Another consideration when looking for locations. : Is the flood area much? If so, please consider a different location, so you can still access the content in a mild case of flood or burst pipes situation. The best locations out of sight, dry and little used rooms in the house.

3. Is it waterproof? Fire rated floor safe ... theft proof ... but is it water proof? Many people do not consider this situation, but there is a clear reason why this should be handled. Besides the potential flooding, what if a plumbing situation that goes wrong? A simple broken water pipe while you're on vacation can be catastrophic, as in the ground is safe to act as a water magnet, destroying or damaging your paper goods. also consider the fact that the fire will douse the flames with water hoses under enormous amounts of pressure, so even if your content can not be burned - they will withstand the ravages of floods L 1?

An alternative to paying for a waterproof safe to simply add your paper goods in a waterproof bag in the safe. Truth be told, but your best bet is to choose the water-proof variety of fireproof floor safe. L 1

4. Are you planning to do the installation, or for paying? Does the manufacturer include free or discounted installation cost? Unless you're an engineering and construction experience, it is best to install in the ground safely leave to the professionals. An incorrectly installed will not secure the same protection, and it may well lose some concealment factor. Many manufacturers offer free installation, that would be the best route to go. do this work themselves, the use of tools you may need to require rent, if installed incorrectly and you just wasted your time.

5. Who knows the combination / password, and location of your home floor safe? Unfortunately, in business and in home security, theft happens to those "in the know." Be careful to whom you give access to the vault. When the installation on a location, then could well have an electronic keypad access to the monitoring of access.

Final tips for buying a floor safe house: L 1

It Obviously but stay with reputable manufacturers who have been around to prove their courage. Purchase an off-brand in the wasted land a safe investment, and your own valuables at risk. What kind of guarantee is offered? The best manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty. What others say about it safe? Before you hop to the big box store in a safe buy, see if you understand that this is often not the industrial standards of protection. To ensure getting the best in construction, make sure your provider is supported by an independent laboratory such as Underwriter's Laboratory (UL). Also check that the consumer reporting agencies and the BBB before you invest in a so-called fireproof floor safe that you put goods risk.

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