How Subsequent Road Protocols Help Keep You Safe

It's awfully tempting to sneak the speedometer up past the speed limit when there aren't any police officers around. One of the absolute most frustrating thing is getting stuck behind a person driving way to slow, and often people will speed up and cut back in front of them. While driving is packed with frustrations, it's still important to follow the rules, as their primary goal is to keep both people driving and people working along the roads safe. Even the workers have rules. For example, they are required to wear safety vests or <a href="" target='_blank'>rain suits</a> to keep them visible at all times.<br><br>One of the biggest rules broken is the speed limit. These numbers aren't random. On the contrary, they are very important and are decided upon by investigating a variety of factors. One major one is simply the difference between the highest and lowest speeds on a road. That is, if a road creates situations for varying speeds, the speed limit is generally lower. Driving through town brings people pulling out of shopping centers, stopping at lights, and slowing down to make turns, so that's why the speed is lower. On highways, there's no reason to slow down, so it's higher. Similarly, if a road comes with the potential of side-on or head-on crashes, the speed is generally reduced. Many roads are also simply designed to allow for higher speed limits.<br><br>Being a safe, defensive driver can drastically reduce your chances of being involved in an accident. There will always be some hothead big-shot on the road driving to fast and weaving in and out of traffic. These people are impossible to avoid, and they are often the cause of accidents. Overestimating a yellow light, cutting someone off to closely, or taking a turn to quickly often leads to injuries or accidents, so simply keeping a safe distance from these bad drivers is a good tip.<br><br>One very important traffic rule concerns work zones. More than a hundred construction workers die every year working near the highway, with more than 20,000 sustaining injuries. Speeding through work zones often brings about a doubled speeding fine. Safety for these workers is vastly important, as not only is construction one of the most dangerous jobs out there, but working near a road comes with increased danger. In order to keep these workers as visible as possible, highly reflective safety gear are a necessity.<br><br>When it comes to workers working near a highway, just being able to be seen is so important. With high-visibility safety vests on, this is accomplished. For construction workers, these vests usually come in neon green or neon orange which silver reflecting tape. These elements combine to create a garment that is hard to miss. However, even these reflective vests have a hard time staying visible in a storm. Thankfully, safety rain gear, which is basically a big bright-colored rain coat, can help keep workers safe and dry at the same time.<br><br>Keeping construction workers safe is the responsibility of all the drivers on the road, so even if you feel the urge to speed by, don't put someone's loved ones at risk. Make sure to always keep your eyes open around construction zones, particularly when the weather is bad. And if you're working at a construction zone near the highway, make sure you have your <a href="" target='_blank'>safety clothing</a> or your safety rain gear on so you can remain as visible as possible.

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Why should you wear protective clothing and equipment while you handle pesticides? Do you need to wear all the safety equipment at all times? How do you clean and store your clothing and equipment? These questions are answered in this video. You will see the different types of clothing and equipment demonstrated by pesticide applicators.

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