Carrying Safety Clothing Is Required On Countless Jobs

There are many garments produced and sold to serve as <a href="" target='_blank'>safety clothing</a>. Protection is necessary for those people working in hazardous situations. Dentists and X ray technicians wear lead aprons to protect them from repeated exposure to radiation. The dentists and dental hygienists wear goggles to protect their eyes.<br><br>The construction workers building or repairing highways are in danger from passing cars. In spite of orange traffic cones placed around the work site, motorists refuse to slow down. To avoid being struck down or killed, the workers wear clothing with reflective tape to make them more visible. T shirts, vests and rain suits are all manufactured to protect these road building crews.<br><br>The population is cautioned to use sunscreen regularly. Now safety clothing is made of a fabric that protects the skin from overexposure to the sun. It has been produced and worn in Australia for over a decade. The garments made from SPF protective material are both fashionable and protective for people who spend a great deal of time in the sun.<br><br>There is one protective garment familiar to anyone who has watched a Western movie or TV show. The cowboys wore chaps over their jeans. Viewers may think they were worn for appearance. However, they were originally made of thick leather to protect the riders legs when they rode their horses through thick brush out on the range.<br><br>Another version of chaps are made to wear while operating a chainsaw. There are also trousers made to protect professional chainsaw operators, lumberjacks for example. These trousers are made with layers of fabric fibers. There is an outer layer that is tough and slippery. Under this, ballistic nylon is used in layers. If the outer layer is penetrated by the saw, these inner fibers wrap around the chain to stop the blade, which prevents it from cutting into the workers leg.<br><br>The fire proximity suit protects firefighters from high temperatures. During the 1930s they were made of asbestos. Now that the dangers of asbestos are known, the suits are manufactured using vacuum deposited aluminized materials.<br><br>Smelting plant and steel mill workers wear what is call the approach suit. The proximity suit is made for the firefighters who may enter burning buildings. Hollywood stunt men and race car drivers rely on the entry suit to protect them while they are engulfed in flames.<br><br>Race car drivers routinely wear protective driving gloves. Originally designed to improve the grip on a steering wheel, these are now highly regulated. Designed to protect the hands in case of fire, they are required to have tight cuffs and withstand testing against flames and molten debris. They must also be made in a high visibility color to enable the driver to signal for help, if needed.<br><br>All safety clothing is designed to protect workers from danger. Their development stemmed from the dangerous situation they now protect against. Hazardous chemicals require the workers in labs to have protection. The bomb squad in a police department needs special impenetrable garments. Traffic directors wear <a href="" target='_blank'>rain suits</a> in case weather condtions change. Men and women brave enough to work under dangerous conditions require as much protection as can be provided.

Protective Clothing and Equipment for Pesticide Use © 2000

Why should you wear protective clothing and equipment while you handle pesticides? Do you need to wear all the safety equipment at all times? How do you clean and store your clothing and equipment? These questions are answered in this video. You will see the different types of clothing and equipment demonstrated by pesticide applicators.

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