Buying a Hand Gun Safe? Here’s what you should know

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Upon first glance, the back looks a bit like buying a handgun just to turn around and buy a hand gun safe. Many have questioned the merits of such a move debated, but the truth is that the law makers on a lark for some time now trying to crack down on gun ownership, the current author of this article lives in an "open carry" state, happy which means that citizens can walk around, as the old gunslingers. guns gun hanging from a belt in sight. that being said, are a father and being involved in theft and accidental discharge, he may be shown wisdom in line with hand guns - and all firearms -. out of harm's and out of curious little fingers Even if you do not have children, the thought of a burglar to walk away with your hard-earned guns or other weapons and valuables untenable.

One of the main concerns of gun owners is a common-sense question: what would you do in case you need your gun in an emergency, and the gun was locked in a safe That's a great question and one that everyone should come? to terms with their own possession of a gun or a firearm for protection is a 2nd amendment constitutional right, not a privilege, so is the case, the question remains -. it's a smart idea to keep your weapons in plain sight Play? The forward one minute and ask yourself if a thief should come and find your gun in sight, or have been secretly breaking and a gun were held to find "hidden" -. Then someone from the family walks in the room, the situation would be that the thief now armed with a gun to protect your weapon.

Keeping is a great idea, and keep it in a handgun safe is a better idea, but what about the speed of access? How about tinkering with a key, combination or try to remember if you do not perform well under pressure? The answer may be to simply buy a gun safe fingerprint. By keeping your gun at the ready in a fingerprint gun safe, you will have easier access to your weapon (s) in case of emergency, with no chance of losing your access as a result of a forgotten or misplaced key combination .

Another good reason to own a hand gun safe is that you meet the increasingly stringent regulatory environment is in the pipeline. States like California have passed laws that the owner of the weapon will judge if it is lost or stolen and then used in a crime. By purchasing a gun safe fingerprint, you maintain a fast access to your weapon and regulatory compliance. In most states, you can not keep a loaded gun in your front seat. If you had a hand gun safe in your console (such as is available for some SUVs and other vehicles), you could a degree of protection of at least maintain for you and your family.

Yet other great use for a handgun is only safe if you have a larger safe for your valuables, and do not want to another safe buying only for your handgun. Perhaps others in your family have access to the larger storage safe. Get. a hand gun safe that can fit into your larger safe, that way you can safely store your gun It all depends on what you use your gun (s) -. Of course you want to keep your gun accessible as it is for the protection of a general suggestion is to buy a biometric gun safe where you can change your gun (s) to store for easy access and safety concerns about reasons.

Another fingerprint gun safe that people often ask is: "What if my wife should have access to the gun and I'm not around?" Technology has already addressed the issue, because many manufacturers produce locks with a memory that can store several, sometimes dozens of fingerprints in memory. The biometric gun safe is the best way to get your handgun (s), save in the opinion of this author.

Buying. Tip: Make sure when you have a hand gun safe, that the locking mechanism buy - especially for the biometric models - a manual or secondary backup This is a concern with some of the biometric readers on the market (read lots of reviews of customers), the reader is not responding to first read or perhaps it was not as safe as you thought top-shelf, and the reader simply will not work. In such a situation, be sure that the fingerprint gun safe you have a manual of some sort (usually buttons). L 1

You also want to increase your hand gun safe has a thick-gauge steel, good enough for a thief in the worst case scenario. You do not want a light weight safely, even if it will be safe portable. It will not keep a determined burglar. If you plan on keeping the safe in a fixed location, be sure there's a bolt pattern so it can be fixed. purchasing a gun safe with a fingerprint "security strap" ISN 't the same idea ... but works if you're traveling and need some portable, temporary way to keep your weapon safe.

Wall Gun Safes - a great way to save Your Hand Gun L 1

Adding to the safety of your handgun The optional safe wall safe models on the market. Not only do they keep weapons out of sight, and other personal belongings, they can also save space by using the dead space in your wall cavity. These safes can be made to look like the wall, hidden behind a faux bookcase or stored in a closet, or behind the proverbial painting.

If you store your gun that you plan for the protection of the use of a wall safe of this type, it is best to get one that fast opening time, within 3-4 seconds for the access to do. Some models have a fake painting that slides open, but access can not be as fast as you can nonetheless like., The genius behind this type of hand gun safe is that the additional protection of the safe have hidden plain sight . A thief can not break into a safe they can not see nor be seduced by a hidden safe she does not know about.

Typical price ranges for a hidden wall safe hand gun is about $ 300. The biometric gun safe in this style range from $ 500-600.

a few short reviews of Hand Gun safe choices (Biometric Gun Safe Models) L 1

Buying a biometric gun safe is a great choice in hand gun security for the reasons outlined earlier. You want to be sure when you buy one that your choice of hand gun safe is easy to install. You also want to be sure that you read some reviews on the specific model, verified by other customers who purchased the safe, or the consumer reports.

Be sure your fingerprint scanner works quickly and accurately, and to be sure of this must You read about the FAR and FRR statistics. "FAR" refers to the "False Access" attempts and "FRR" refers to the "False Rejection" rate. FAR would designate an impostor be allowed safe access to the safe, secure when the FRR would not open for someone who must have access.

Here are some manufacturers that a good quality fingerprint gun safe.


First off GunVault ®, which is a highly respected name in the industry of the handgun safe production. GunVault ® 4 fingerprint scanners for their gun safe, with a low FRR at FAR ratio. Their interiors are lined and padded, to protect your gun metal or jewelry. According to the manufacturer's claims, the sensor will work for one full year on the battery (the GV1000C-DLX or "Mini" is running on 8AA batteries). There is also an alarm that warns of low battery life, and an optional power cord to an electrical outlet is also included in their luxury models.

If you looking for a lightweight, portable hand gun safe with biometric technology , the GunVault safes ® models are a trusted brand. Their "Micro Vault ™ 'biometric gun safe model weighs about 5 pounds, making it highly portable and versatile as far as fitting or not fitting, as the case may be. It also includes a backup key one case. It is regarded as a 'laptop' safe as it is designed to be about the size of a laptop computer. Micro Vault ™ runs around $ 140 plus shipping.

Yet a different type of fingerprint gun safe is the data BioBox ®, which is another portable, laptop-style security. This model is about $ 230, and runs on 4AA batteries. It has a sleek design profile with the biometric lock, it gives you the assurance that after the gun store. This particular safe for approximately 1,000 openings with fresh batteries, which should be enough for about one year use. A nice feature of this particular biometric gun safe that allows for multiple users, in case you wanted to do so.

A third example of a fingerprint gun safe is the BioVault 2.0, or BVSB1-B. " It weighs in at $ 350, and provides more than just your handgun to be stored. This safe allows you to store 50 different fingerprint profiles, so if you wanted that much access to your weapon, then you have someone option.

This powered by 3 "D" size batteries, and in normal use, yielding about one year of the opening Fingerprints are scanned quickly -. Less than one second! - What makes this a contender in some of handgun safety devices, this model is also supported by the National Rifle Association, which has a large and coveted endorsement to say the least L 1.!

These were only three fine examples of biometric gun gun safes for storage, but there are other fine manufacturers in the market for a few:. AMSEC ® is a decent model, like Canon ®, Sentry ®, Fort Knox ®, Adesco ®, Stack-On, Patriot ®, Brown Safe Mfg. ® and Liberty ® are other big names in the industry.

Devon Knight is the author of the blog and provides in depth details on choosing thebest gun safe and hand gun safe check out the blog for reviews and money saving coupons

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