What is English Driven Shooting?

English Driven Pheasant shooting is really a wondrous sport and is more intricate and fulfilling than the rough shooting or walk up shooting most hunters are accustomed to. Instead of the quiet loneliness of roaming though a field with your dogs and maybe one friend or so, the camaraderie and companionship, even fellowship of other shooters really improves the sport.<br>There is nothing like the experience of 10 hunters (known as 'Guns') shooting down birds from the heavens in fast succession, hot barrels of the guns flaring and having a quick reload from your loader to make for near constant shooting.<br><br><a href="http://www.shiresridge.com" target='_blank'>English driven pheasant shooting</a> was introduced in the 18th century when cartridge and breach loading guns became available and it has grown because of its own quaintness of character with its own habits and customs from that time. The cartridges utilised are specific for high birds as the game can be nearly 60 ft in the air and those birds require some force in the shot to bring them down cleanly, regular game loads tend merely to prick high flying game.<br><br>There is little like an early morning shot of sloe gin or glass of champagne to begin the day before the days sport commences. You will determine your peg from random most often from a deck of cards however some shoots have their own customs for accomplishing this. After you walk to your peg, stand waiting in anticipation for the action to happen. The game will come flying over at great speed and often at some altitude making for tough shots; in contrast to the easy pop up birds from a flat corn field. The birds appear randomly although the gamekeeper’s beaters will endeavor to ensure they don’t all arrive in one huge flock which would minimize the drive.<br>This is real sport, taking birds directly head on rather than un-sportingly by shooting them in the Back!<br><br><a href="http://www.shiresridge.com/how-to-shoot-pheasant/an-introduction-to-driven-shooting-part-1.htm" target='_blank'>English driven shooting</a> has its own unwritten rules. It is generally determined that very high flying birds ought to be left alone since they will only be injured yet still be able to stay airborne for long enough to escape, ultimately flying off or crashing down and running away someplace well hidden where the ‘pickers up’ as they are called will probably be unable to discover them. Additionally, it is considered that really low birds are left alone because as much easier shots they are really considered ‘un sporting’ or too easy.<br><br>Most of the time, for the novice shooter the bird is repeatedly missed with the shot passing behind. This is because with so much height it is hard in your mind to think "do I truly need that amount of forward lead on this target?" The alternative factor to consider for anyone enjoying driven shooting is that if the Gun has previously been shooting clay targets, which regularly slow from the clay trap. These kind of targets have wings and are making use of them with all of their might to power away for speed and altitude. Their own survival instincts are workingin overtime and as such they aren't slowing at all and might actually be increasing in speed!<br><br>It is worth considering trying an hour of high clays, launched from a tower the afternoon for the amateur driven shooter. This will put you into the right frame of mind to get your target. Instruction is also recommended, for those who've only taken part in rough shooting as there are some strange details and essential rules to keep in mind, like the large amount of sky which must be 'behind' a target prior to shooting or else injuries could happen. Whether a beater who's driving the bird towards you or a fellow Gun will suffer. It's all too easy to keep on blasting away with the red mist of getting caught up in the moment.<br><br>A good drive will last around 15 or 20 mins, when it ends friends meet up to celebrate or commiserate with a hot drink or bull shot. This is something that you will not encounter in other sport. The adrenalin has been pumping in your veins and the 'come down' is incredibly exhilarating.

Game Shooting Cornwall | Driven Pheasant and Duck Shooting

Driven Pheasant and Driven Duck shooting at Hendra Farm Shoot Cornwall. The Westcountry of England is a mecca for driven pheasant shooting in the UK. British Game Shooting at its best.

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