Tools To Keep You Protected At Home

It was a big deal when a young mother shot home intruders because she needed to keep her newborn baby free from harm. She was on the telephone with a 911 agent, even asking permission to blow out the brains of her intruders. Well, that&rsquo;s not how she said it but she was obviously in distress and was having second thoughts on whether she should use her weapon because unknown invaders are hoping to wreak havoc on her simple and peaceful life. She is a widow with a new baby. There was no one else to safeguard them, just a shotgun. One of the invaders died. She was not charged with anything because she was simply trying to save her life and that of her baby.<br><br>Still, it's never a good feeling to kill somebody, may it be in self-defense or pure murder. Your conscience will always be nagging you nonstop. Even cold-blooded murderers and serial killers will crack at some point in time. There are additional choices of protection to keep you safe at home, that have less probability of killing an intruder. Of course, a gun would be the safest bet if your intruders are armed.<br><br>Baseball bat. You have seen this many times on television or in movies, people armed with a bat in a bid to confront the intruder. It actually works. Wooden baseball bats are easier to handle and an intruder would surely lose consciousness for a few moments when you bash him on the head. This will give you plenty of time to disarm him and call for help. There are also steel baseball bats made especially for security. This is heavier to swing though but the impact is also more serious.<br><br><a href="" target='_blank'>Crossbows for sale</a> in hunting stores are also another kind of armament that can be used for protection. Crossbows for sale are almost always for a hobby but they are also used for home decoration. So you can always get a crossbow in the guise of decoration but it is actually for protection. Crossbows for sale come in various sizes and forms and are not always in the low-cost category.<br><br>There is also that ever dependable kitchen knife. The trouble with knives is that almost always, you have to be at close proximity with the attacker. Unlike with baseball bats and crossbows, you don&rsquo;t need to be inches away from the invader. Unless you are an experienced knife thrower, targeting the invader from a distance with the knife is not advisable because it will alert the intruder and it will give away your location.

Tanya Roberts Outrageous Love & Friendship Sam Botta-Live Fearless-Chris Shining,Executive Producer

Her husband of 25 years had died from illness, she was there for him and has overcome the grief and built a new life. Sam Botta: I asked you the secret of lifetime love (two years before)... And you said your man at the time adores you... Tanya Roberts: My man died 18 months ago after 25 years of a beautiful marriage, I grew up with him, and he did adore me, I adored him, and that's what happens, I'm lucky to have had 25 years of outrageous love and friendship. SB: How did you get through the pain? TR: If I didn't pull myself together I wouldn't have been able to keep him alive and take care of him, that's what you do. It's Nothing heroic you just do it. You don't want to see the one you love totally screwed up.. and you manage. I love you. IMDB.COM: Tanya Roberts came from modest beginnings in the Bronx, New York, the daughter of a pen salesman (Irish) and a mother (Jewish) who were divorced before she reached high school. Tanya dropped out of high school at age 15, got married and hitchhiked around the country until her mother-in-law had the marriage annulled. She met psychology student Barry Roberts in New York while waiting in line to see a movie. A few months later, she proposed to him in a subway station, and they were married. .. Beautiful love story. Secretly hope. Live life with the kind of love that lasts. The memories, the hopes, the dreams. Never forgetting, especially On a sad day when we've lost a life-altering talent, someone that affected our lives for our generation: Whitney Houston has died @sambotta despite today's news of her Comeback on X Factor, Simon Cowell, Entertainment News

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