Survival/Rescue Folding Pocketknife with Affixed LED Flashlight: Handy Outdoors; Powerful During Rescue

One of man's best friends, the pocket knife, carries with it ease in performing many jobs, especially outdoor jobs associated with camping, hunting, hiking, EMTs, and LEOs. However, envision that same knife also having the ability to save a life! Now, it becomes priceless!

The blaze orange handle and black blade of the new Survival/Emergency/Rescue Folding Pocket Knife with the attached LED Flashlight by RS Insights brings a highly visual effect to the powerful knife. The knife is further characterized by a unique, one-handed, assisted-opening mechanism. The locking, partially serrated, anodized stainless steel blade flashes open with just a prod of the thumb stud.

One reviewer said of this knife, "When I first removed the knife from the nylon pouch, the weight in my hand gave me the sense that this knife is very durable. It fits my hand very well."

The knife's attached belt clip makes this versatile knife convenient to carry on one's belt or in their pocket or purse. Another reviewer offered, "I prefer to use the belt/pocket clip over the included nylon pouch, as it allows me to clip the knife to the inside of my pocket, making it virtually impossible to lose. If it should come unclipped (it has never done that), it will simply fall back into my pocket. Clipping the knife to the inside of my pocket keeps this knife readily available for me to use."

The reviewer went on to say, "Now, the tiny flashlight attached to the side of this knife puts this knife over the top! It is perfectly positioned for easy use, and the flip-out feature makes it even more useful. Don't let the size of the flashlight fool you--the light is brilliant!"

The Lifetime Guarantee that comes with the knife, as well as the follow-up provided by Amazon and by RS Insights, reassures the customer that they will be happy with their purchase. Not only do they make sure the customer receives the product in a timely manner, but they also provide useful tips regarding the knife.

Check out the new Survival/Emergency/Rescue Folding Pocketknife with the attached LED Flashlight by RS Insights by clicking on the link above now. Get one for your pocket or purse or to attach to your belt, and know that you are equipped for any emergency. Order a another one to put in your vehicle, available for use by your family when rescue or escape might be in their own hands.

Check out this knife with attached LED flashlight product now

Everyone should carry a rescue pocket knife that facilitates one to slash a seat belt and smash a window. Adding an attached LED flashlight to better see the task at hand is an added bonus that makes this knife extraordinary. All of these tools, coupled with a partially serrated, locking, anodized stainless steel blade, make this 8" knife a powerhouse when it comes to rescue, escape, emergencies, or survival, as well as day-to-day tasks related with the outdoors.

This knife will last a lifetime & beyond. The blade of this rescue pocket knife is made of anodized stainless steel, and the handle is made of aluminum. The blade is .11" thick with a hardness of 56HRC.

The locking, partially serrated blade flashes open with just a prod of the thumb stud. The blaze orange handle and black blade brings a highly visual effect. The 4.75" closed length and weight of 5.4 oz., as well as its attached belt clip & the nylon case with belt loop, makes this practical knife convenient to carry on one's belt or in their pocket or purse. The LED flashlight uses 4 LR621 batteries, which are an added bonus.

This rescue knife is practical for use in any indoor or outdoor activities, such as camping, hunting, or hiking, that necessitates the cutting ability of either a straight or a serrated edge. Add the attached LED flashlight, seat belt cutter, and window punch, this knife will stand guard, ready for action in any rescue, emergency, or survival circumstance.

Don't put off putting such a commanding rescue tool in the hands of each of your family members. Put one in your pocket or purse; put one in each vehicle. One never knows when a seat belt will need to be cut, a window punched out, or a light needed for escape, rescue, or purely for work.

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