Secrets on Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is the act of following deer which goes back to around 7,000 BC and it has changed a little since the age of <a href="" target='_blank'>bow hunting</a> - There are a few kinds of deer from around the world that are the targets of hunting. Some of the most sought after deer in the country, east of the Rockies, is called the white tailed deer and on the opposite side of the mountains, the mule deer is most common - The major differences between these species are the in the ears, tails, antlers, and body sizes. The mule deer has longer ears than what a white tailed deer has, and even looks more like a mule - Mule deer show a black tipped tail and the tail is smaller than white tailed deer tails. <br><br>The buck deer from each species sport antlers; the mule deer&rsquo;s antlers branch out and then rebranch, while the white tailed buck has just a single piece sprouting smaller additional tines &ndash; the white tailed buck is generally smaller in respect to the mule deer buck. There are a couple of common methods of <a href="" target='_blank'>deer hunting</a>: like stalking, which is stalking the signs and trails of a deer; stand hunting, standing for the deer where it is likely to turn up; still hunting; and then line drives, which is flushing a deer to a line of hunters. Stalking and scouting involves following the deer signs and the most common signs are rubs, tracks, and scrapes - Scrapes are areas where bucks will scratch at the ground and urinate under the low hanging branches at the edge of a field. <br><br>Bucks mark territory and also attract female deer with this act - Deer tracks can often tell of the size and age of each deer. Rubs are the marks that show on the trunks or lower branches where a buck has rubbed the velvet off of its antlers &ndash; An additional reason for this act is that it will mark its territory with a visual sign. One last method of hunting deer, while banned in many states, is referred to as dog driving &ndash; Here dogs will drive the deer to an open space where the hunters will have a clear shot.<br>

Bowhunting: Awesome New Years Day Hunt 2011- 23rd Kill of 2010/2011

Opening day for New Jersey's 2011 Winter Bow Season.

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