Rules of Gun Safety

Accidental death attributed to guns fell at a steady rate in recent years. I think these prices have decreased mainly due to increased education about gun safety. Even if you are an experienced gun owner, it's always a good idea to review this important gun regulations, even if you've heard them many times before.

As a former policeman for many years, and a firearms instructor, I saw from the first hand the importance of firearm safety. The most important aspect of owning a firearm is the safe handling and operation of the firearm. There are many injuries and deaths each year accidental discharge of a firearm. In this article I will detail what you need to know as a responsible gun owner and for you and your loved ones to protect against accidents caused by improper use of a first firearm.

The what keeps you always do when handling a firearm is to assume that firearm is loaded and keep the firearm in a safe direction. Even if you are sure the firearm is unloaded, you should treat it like your gun loaded and ready to fire.

If has a safety, you should always working on safety until you are ready to fire weapon.

Whenever you handle a firearm you should never put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to fire the gun. Keep your finger outside the trigger guard resting on the side of the gun.

Always Keep your gun unloaded until you are ready to use. If you store your gun loaded is not only very dangerous it is irresponsible.

Always make sure your firearm is in good condition. This includes regular maintenance and regular cleaning, especially after your weapon.

Make sure that the correct ammunition using redundant. Shoot ammunition that is not made for your caliber weapon is very dangerous.

When shooting, always be sure to wear eye protection and a good ear. Weapons are very hard and can easily damage your hearing. Guns also sent debris and hot gases could damage your vision.

When misfire happens, the gun gently clear. You should try the gun in a safe direction and remove the blade. You must then clear the tail and the misfired round. Make sure that no one pattern or other obstruction lodged in the barrel.

When you fire your weapon, you must know your target and what is outside your target.

And finally shoot with you never mix alcohol or drugs. If you do this, it is a recipe for disaster.

Following these simple rules rifles will ensure you a responsible gun owner and shooting activities to enjoy for many years come.

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