Keep Your Eyes Peeled When Being Covered, Lest, It Is A Life Threatened

Have you ever wondered why it is illegal to use deer blinds in some areas? The reason for this is that it may conceal them to deers but it hides them from other hunters as well. In some states, during hunting season, hunting blinds, particularly deer blinds, need to have a patch of shocking color (fuchsia) visible in all angles.<br><br>The difference between hunting blinds and deer blinds are that the former is usually perched while the latter is aground. That is the reason why deer blinds are more dangerous compared to the other.<br><br>Ever wondered why a deer can't see you if you are inside a deer blind? But of course, through studies, deer blinds have been prototyped to be invisible to a deer&rsquo;s vision as their eyes have facial glands in them.<br><br>Deer blinds are originally made of wood then later, the canvass type have become more popular. Obviously, the weight has some bearing on this.<br><br>There is no danger in using duck blinds because literally you do not need anything to build one. What you can do is simply crouch to the ground and hide yourself until the bird arrives.<br><br>Duck blinds can also be built on lakes where you position yourself. It is however not invisible to the ducks. The point is, the hunter may be invisible to the wading birds out and about.<br><br>These <a href="" target='_blank'>hunting blinds</a> are very different from duck blinds if you compare. Setting up one is not that easy, not to mention that unlike the deer blinds, they are not easily portable. Although, there are tent-like hunting blinds that can be perched on trees or home-made ladders.<br><br>If you want the cheapest hunting invisibility equipment I would suggest Wright Blinds which are $100 dollars or even less. The design is comparable to a shower curtain, sewn together forming a circle where you can just get inside and crouch.<br><br>A shadow hunter that costs over $1,200 is made of wood, painted camouflage and with an area of about a square meter. Bringing it along with you is easy and it is durable as well. It can be made a home for a day or two while waiting for the prey.<br><br>The ATV silencer is the latest creation in hunting gears. This eradicates the need to crouch in the dirty soil and boringly hide and wait for your target. The ATV helps you maneuver the terrain with ease and with very minimal sound. This makes hunting a lot more easier.

2010-2011 duck season blind setup

This was one of our blinds for the 2010-2011 season. We pulled the boat under the blind to conceal the boat and climbed into the "crows nest" to hunt. Dog and boat stated on water level.

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