Hunting, One Or Two Tips And Tricks.

Hunting is defiantly no new hobby; we did not always have the benefit of walking to the refrigerator full of stunning meat cuts. If you wanted to eat meat you would need to go and hunt it yourself. Even though hunting has become mostly out of date ( aside from remote regions of the planet where it's still the key source of food ). Folk all around the planet are now and I believe forever are still attracted to hunting as a sport that will get you closer to the land and the outback than any other, and test you physically and psychologically more than most other run of the mill sports. <br><br>If you're counting on going out for a long hunt over more than a day I cannot stress enough the importance of being prepared. This is a very perilous sport and will be treated with respect. Ensure you have a well-stocked kit with you taking into consideration anything can occur, this should ideally include : First aid, quality optics ( binoculars, rifle scope ), Telephone, Wet weather gear, a high quality knife, Maps and compass, tent, backup food ( you need always catch anything irrespective of how skilled you are ) and I will not stress the necessity for lots of <a href="" target='_blank'>water</a>! <br><br>As far as weapons go it really relies upon what you are hunting but the best mutli purpose gun for virtually all game is a 22. Lr ( long rifle ) ideally with scope which will generally make firing a precise kill shot far, far easier. Never point the muzzle of you weapon at anything you're not about to kill keep the safety on right up until your shot, the safety shouldn't be an alternative to responsible fire arm handling. It is also necessary to have pride in your gear service and clean It frequently and it will last your full hunting career. Think about camouflaging your body and even your gun. This tip is excellent for hunting turkey which have great eyesight and will spot you quickly if you don't blend in. <br><br>Always remember practice is essential you're not going to come back with much if you haven't shot your weapon in months, spend masses of time at the range and you will see the pay off on your hunt. Have some fun, be safe and happy hunting.<br>

Hunting Draconic Jadinkos Guide *Potion-Laying Special Technique* How to Hunt by Idk Whats Rc

This is my Draconic Jadinkos Hunting Guide. Every steps needed to catch them are explained in this video, as well as getting Zamorak Favour. I will also show a special method to lay traps faster than usual using Hunter Potions.
It also includes the maths for Scentless and Zamorak Favour potions.

Guide links:
Attracting Zamorak Jadinkos:
Witchdoctor Equipment:

1. Skills
1.1 Required 0:52
1.2 Best 1:04

2. Herblore Habitat 1:20

3. Preparations
3.1 Getting Untradeable Items 3:33
3.2 Getting Erzille/Lergberry Seeds 4:30
3.2.1 Hunting Common Jadinkos 4:44
3.2.2 Spending Jadinko Favours 6:15
3.3 Preparation for Diseased Jadinkos 8:00
3.4 Getting Corrupt Vines 9:00
3.5 Making Juju Hunting Potions 10:52
3.6 Prapration for Draconic Jadinkos 11:28

4. Basics
4.1 Inventory 11:44
4.2 Equipment 11:56
4.3 Hunting Spot 12:11

5. Tips and Tricks
5.1 Laying Traps Efficiently 12:24
5.2 Zamorak Favour 12:50
5.3 Familiar 14:17
5.4 Witchdoctor Equipment 14:33
5.5 Scentless Potions (With Calculations) 14:50

6. Demonstration 15:16

7. Advanced Strategy
7.1 Explanation 16:35
7.2 New Inventory 17:02
7.3 Demontrations 17:16

8. Rewards
8.1 Experience Rate 18:01
8.2 Seeds and Potions 18:25
8.3 Skillcape 18:56


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