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To the United States, about 37,000 people per year go into the rooms of help for the damage of the nail guns, according to centers' of the United States for ordering the disease (CDC). Forty percent of the damage to the consumer. The damage of the nail gun has triplet from 1991 to 2005. All types of nail guns can be dangerous, so safety measures similar to a weapon with fire are usually recommended for use. For safety, the nail guns are designed to be used with the muzzle touching the target, they are short range, if a user tries to vague as weapons in service with projectile.
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The mechanism used to fire the most common is free to contact travel of game action, which requires that the manual release and the nose in contact with the element that both are inserted so that a nail is discharged. The sequential release of travel that is safer, requires contact of the nose to be taken before the manual release, rather than simultaneously with the release. Approximately 65% to 69% of the damage of the instruments in contact-trip could probably be avoided by using a release of sequential-trip instead, according to the CDC's - (served meals) of the Explosive actuated nailgun listed in two major categories: 1 L
L 1
* Direct high speed or drive mechanisms. It uses the gas directly on the nail to lead it.
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* Indirect indirect order or devices fall back speed. This uses gas pressure, that a heavy piston leads the nail. The indirect nailsmiths of the drive more confident, because they can not launch a projectile of free flight, even if trifouille or abused, and the slower the nails are less sure that the explosive burst to the surface of the work. One or the other can with the proper loading of the cartridge, being very powerful indeed, running a nail or many other places in the hard concrete, stone, metal or rolled portion of the facility. Perhaps the most famous manufacturer of the indirect lead Hilti tools for closing of Liechtenstein. Some sectors of the world may need to record locked storage or other measurements to the possession and use of nailguns.

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