Good Paintball Gun Safety

Most people understand that guns are dangerous items and guns, paintball guns are no different. Although paintball markers fire paint pellets instead of "real" bullets, handled incorrectly, they can maim you for life. Anytime you are dealing with a marker, hold gun safety at the forefront of your mind and you will enjoy paintball continue for the coming year come.
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When handling a paintball gun, always treat it like it is loaded. Keep the muzzle pointing down to the ground. The worst possible accident that you happened to think that a loaded gun and accidentally fires a short distance. The gun is 300 fps you chrono'd comes down to more than 200 miles per hour - at that speed and close to you will hurt someone if you hit them. Not to mention that the speed is sufficient to destroy all unprotected eyeball a paint pellet that could come into contact with.
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If you're not on the court, always paint your cap gun. The barrel connector is not a decoration, it is a safety feature that will only work if you remember to use every time.
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When not on the court, always make sure that your gun's safety. Again, if your barrel plug, safety is there for protection and to stop any accidental firing of your weapon.
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In preparing your paintball gun clean, treat it as if it were loaded. Wear eye protection, clear and make sure the room is free. Release the air that can still be in your gun. After all that, begin cleaning your weapon.
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Keep your finger off the trigger unless you are doing to take a shot. If you are not on the paintball field with eye protection gear in place, your finger is no company anywhere near the trigger. When running across the field, its still a good idea to keep your finger on the trigger. That way if your excursion, your finger caught up where it can be easily broken.
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Only point of your paintball gun at targets you mean to shoot. Jokes and guns do not mix well. The story always ends bad for the person on the other side of the gun. Just because the gun is "only" your marker does not mean it will not seriously hurt when a friend round encounter at close range.
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If you do not know how to maintain your paintball gun, take it to a professional. There are parts of each gun ever made that must be removed in a certain way to avoid injury. Consider a class in gun maintenance of your local field or paintball organization.
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While paintball games usually have fewer injuries than many other competitive contact sports, most accidents occur because the players do not follow basic gun safety tips. Common sense and avoiding jokes are the best tools you have available to seriously avoid injuring yourself and others. Following basic gun safety tips will ensure years of enjoyable, safe paintball play.

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