Game Hunters Should Have With Them These Four Usual Military Gear

A couple of my family members are experienced approved hunters. They do not hunt for sport. They only hunt when they get calls from the authorities about silly wild boars, tigers and elephants attacking, and occasionally murdering, trail runners and campers. They are also called into action when the crow and macaque population starts getting beyond control and they start attacking humans.<br><br>Being a gear fanatic, I pay serious attention to the gear they have with them. Each one of them have four standard gear with them. All of the gear they have are of army specifications because they need their gear to resist demanding conditions particularly since some hunts can last a few weeks.<br><br>Backpacks <br>The first of the four military gear is naturally a rugged military gear backpack. This is naturally not a usual backpack but one with a hydration system. The best thing about hydration backpacks is that you don't get your hydration system bouncing around at your hip like you do with a side mounted hydration system.<br><br>Also, the majority of the bladders in <a href="" target='_blank'>military hydration backpacks</a> can store up to 3 liters or a hundred oz. of liquid. That beats the five hundred ml or about half a quart of a regular waist mounted water bottle.<br><br>Apart from storing liquid nourishment, you can also store other stuff in hydration backpacks like food, a medical kit, poncho and some spare attire.<br><br>Chest Rigs <br>Backpacks with a bladder in-built might struggle to store all you need in them. Explaining why it is good to a have a chest rig. A chest rig would allow you to store more stuff in its multiple compartments. Generally, the stuff which is kept in the pockets of chest rigs are the things you need to access in a rush. These things may include maps, GPS system, ammo, mosquito repellent and nibbles.<br><br>Modular tactical chest rigs are created with PALS webbing. This would enable the wearer to attach more gear, like LED flash lights, to the rig for simple access.<br><br>LED Flash Lights <br>Army grade LED flashlights are superb. The one I have the enjoyment of borrowing had more than one feature. It had an emergency strobe setting as well as a glow or lamp setting. It was also water and shock resistant. And you had a choice of using standard batteries or a rechargeable battery pack which came along with the torch.<br><br>Army Grade Poncho <br>For those of you who have used typical ponchos for camping and trekking, you would know that they rip easily. Not so for army grade ponchos. Army grade ponchos are rip resistant so that you can hike through vicious surrounding in the wet and not stress about tearing it. The are also troublesome enough to line up shelter with, making it a vital <a href="" target='_blank'>military gear</a> to have.<br><br>To summarise, <br><ul style='list-style-type:disc'><li>Military grade poncho do not rip easily</li><li>Military hydration backpacks are great for storing liquid sustenance as well as other stuff you would need on a journey</li><li>Military grade LED flashlights use less power and can take quite a beating</li></ul> <br><br><br>


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