Effective Troubleshooting Technique For PS3 YLOD And PS3 Flashing Red Light Faults

Since we 're aware that many of the faults that occur with the Playstation 3 are because to overheating, especially if the ps3 console is being used for prolonged periods, here are a few steps that you can implement to stop catastrophic damage to your Playstation 3 console:<br><br><ul style='list-style-type:square'><li>Ensure that the air vents on the PS3 aren't blocked in any way.</li><li>Check for dust accumulation on and around the air vents in addition to inside the console , as this can suffocate your PS3 of air, limiting its capability to cool down, which itself can lead to fan breakdown.</li><li>Allow at least four inches of space on all sides of the PS3 for enough ventilation.</li><li>Remove the PlayStation from cabinets, away from other stacked electrical equipment and do not store it in corners of rooms as this fosters heat accumulation .</li></ul><br><br><strong>Seven Steps For Retrieving YLOD and Red Light of Death PS3 Errors </strong><br><br>If your console isn't functioning due to a suspected <a href="http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/Technical-Help/Blinking-red-light-NOT-the-RLOD-What-is-it/m-p/12159527" target='_blank'>PS3 YLOD and PS3 RLOD</a> fault, here is a condensed precis of things you can perform in an effort to recover your Playstation 3 console:<br><br>1. Power down the PS3 console and all peripherals.<br>2. Disconnect the console and allow to cool down in a well ventilated location.<br>3. Safely dislodge all dust and carry out a <strong>"PS3 Fan Test"</strong>.<br>4. Reconnect cables, ensuring that all cables and connections are neither loose nor damaged.<br>5. Carry out <strong>"PS3 Safe Mode"</strong> and reboot your PS3 system - especially pertinent if your PS3 is failing to boot up.<br>6. Examine your PS3 system settings and also check that your console possesses the latest software download update.<br>7. Lastly try performing a "PS3 hard drive reset" i.e. remove the hard drive cassette and re-insert.<br><br>If you would like a more exhaustive explanation of the above 7 steps for <a href="http://www.ps3-help.com/fix-red-yellow-light-of-death/" target='_blank'>Sony Playstation 3 Yellow Light of Death Fix (and RLOD)</a> click on this hyperlink or go to ps3-help.com.

Playstation 3 troubleshooting yellow light

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