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When considering getting a gun for self defense, the first decision of the type of firearm. Consider a pistol, a rifle or shotgun. For most self defense situations, a rifle is the weapon of choice because it is generally too long and too large to use in close quarters. While a pistol and a shotgun can be properly self-defense weapon, the shotgun is generally the most popular choice for a variety of reasons.

First, shotguns are usually cheaper than guns of comparable quality. They are also generally more available than most pistols and are legal for the civilian market in more states than guns. Shotguns are generally not as highly regulated as guns are. The combination of affordability and availability, more people tend to go for a shotgun instead of a gun for self defense firearm.
Een another reason why guns have opted for self-defense guns is usually inherently underpowered. While guns have the advantage of portability and are easy to conceal, shotguns are much more powerful. Shotguns are also seen as more intimidating. For a self defense weapon, this is very valuable, if we consider that the threat of shot is usually enough to stop a crime in progress.

Door the spread of the shot, the shooter will mean more targets faster than with a shotgun a gun. However, given that self-defense situations usually occurs in close quarters, the spread of a shotgun shot is unlikely to expand by more than a few inches. This is still an advantage in taking down an attacker, because the shot is still spreading after hitting the target. This causes more damage, which gives more braking power. A spread shot being fired at close range is more likely to result in a disabling wound than a bullet fired from a rifle or a shotgun pistol.

Een is also safer to use in an inhabited structure such as a house or an apartment, as it not through the wall as easily as one round of a pistol or a gun. This makes it less likely for a shot to go through the walls and innocent bystanders or neighbors.

pain before buying a shotgun, you should be aware that the shotguns generally heavier and larger and are not as manoeuvrable as a pistol in close quarters. That being said, shotguns are considered ideal for short-range use and more popular to grow as a self defense firearm forward.

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