A Brief Summary of Roundball Matches

Professional <a href="http://basketballimages.org/images-of-basket-balls/basketball-games" target='_blank'>basketball games</a> generally take about two and a half hours to play. <br><br>In the game of basketball, two teams of five players play on a court with one basket on each end. Score is kept by keeping track of how many times each team penetrates the other&lsquo;s defenses and scores goals. Employing either man-to-man or zone defenses, the defense tries to keep the offense from generating additional points.<br><br>
Basketball Games
<br> <br>There are limitations about the amount of physical contact a defensive player can have with the individual he is guarding. If they exceed prescribed limitations, it is called a foul and, in most instances, players from the offensive team are awarded an uncontested shot at the basket, called a free throw.<br> <br>Recipes for basketball<br><br><ul style='list-style-type:disc'><li>flat playing surface</li><li>A basketball</li><li>Willingness to follow simple rules</li></ul><br><br>In accordance with the rules, a player must bounce the basketball while moving forward with the ball under his control. The rules are very specific about what you must do while dribbling. If the player takes more than one step without dribbling, it constitutes a rule violation called &ldquo;traveling&rdquo; and results in the transfer of possession of the ball from what had been the offensive team to what had been the defensive team.<br><br>The net result of an offensive player being fouled in the act of shooting the basketball is that he is granted two, and sometimes three free throws.<br> <br>Other than free throws, which count one point each, there are two types of scores in basketball; two-pointers and three-pointers. A player makes a three point play by shooting the ball from outside the arc, which is a painted line quite a distance from the basket. Shots made inside of this arc give the team two points.<br> <br>Look at the scoreboard once the final horn has sounded, and the score will tell you who won and lost the game. In the event the two teams have the same score once regulation is ended, they will extend their play into overtime with the team with the most points at the end of overtime declared the winner.<br><br>The rules are very simple but basketball games result in some of the most highly watched and entertaining sports at every level of play.<br><br>For more awesome info about Modern Greetings visit www.ModernGreetings.com because fun is found in creating <a href="http://www.moderngreetings.com/calendars" target='_blank'>printed calendars</a>.<br>

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