4 Pointers To Consider Before Purchasing A Tactical Assault Vest For Hunting Excursions

Safety is the greatest concern when hunting. Things do go wrong and you may find yourself being chased by a big animal just when your weapon fails. That's when you need to drop all of your gear and run for your life. <br><br>When I say gear, most hunters would usually consider the weapons they carry. They forget that a tactical assault vest is also an important piece of gear. Prior to buying a tactical assault vest for hunting, you need to know a couple of things about military chest rigs before you part with your cash. <br><br>Length Of Trip <br>I personally have 2 sorts of <a href="http://www.bdstacticalgear.com/cat-chest-rigs.cfm" target='_blank'>tactical chest rigs</a> - one for overnight expeditions and another for week-long hunts. Trust me, it is much easier to trace and hunt a rogue elephant than to trace and hunt a menacing tiger. Any tropical forest ranger can tell you that. <br><br>Clearly a brief trip would require less supplies. Therefore, a modular tactical assault vest would do. I usually hookup 1 or 2 pouches to my modular rig via the FRIENDS webbing system and combine it with a hydration pack at the back. The entire ensemble is light and is less sure to get in the way of things. <br><br>On longer trips, I employ a battle chest rig. It sounds cool because it is. There are far more areas to store stuff and everything is within easy reach. There's always the choice of just carrying a bigger backpack but accessibility would be a problem. <br><br>Comfort <br>When buying gear you need to tote around for long amounts of time, comfort is a major factor. For a tactical assault vest, the shoulder strap padding needs to be sufficient particularly if you're going to be wearing a larger rig. It's also advisable to be sure there are no pointy bits poking you in the sides or chest after you are strapped in. <br><br>Durability <br>Quality tactical gear is not cheap. This is because they are supposed to last a long time and be well placed to take a large amount of beating in the whole duration. Before purchasing a <a href="http://www.bdstacticalgear.com/cat-chest-rigs.cfm" target='_blank'>tactical assault vest</a>, ensure you check for loose stitching and fittings that don't truly fit. If you're making plans to buy from an online store, ensure it offers an entire life guaranty for the product. Most established brands have no Problems offering a whole life guaranty. <br><br>Safety <br>As I mentioned earlier, safety is essential when it comes to hunting. You simply can't risk anything when you have live weapons and rogue animals in the equation. There could come a time when you need to dump your gear fast so as to escape a risky position. I might suggest getting tactical gear which has fast release mechanisms and modular packs which are easy to off load if it is required. <br><br>In summation : <br><ul style='list-style-type:disc'><li>Select a tactical assault vest that is comfortable</li><li>Choose a tactical assault vest which is durable</li><li>Tactical assault vest with quick release buckles are a safer choice</li></ul> <br><br><br>


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