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Alan Watt 09/08/11 - The Great Mire of London - 4 of 4

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Aug. 9, 2011
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:
Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 9, 2011:
The Great Mire of London:
"Don't Think Authorities Bury Head in the Sand
As Burning and Looting Spread Through England,
The Looters, Unchecked, Each One a Dope,
Is Monitored, ID'd and Given Loose Rope,
Until Police State Moves in to Use New Toys
In This Experiment on Girls and Boys,
You Are in a Police State, Don't Be Confused,
They Want to Test Powers, Mobs are Used,
Those Watching, Being Programmed by TV,
Will Hear Big Brother say "See, You Need Me",
Authorities Give Authority to Themselves
And Buy More Pervasive Surveillance from Shelves,
See-- No One is Safe with Family, or Alone,
Big Brother Wants Cameras in Everyone's Home"
© Alan Watt Aug. 9, 2011
* Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 9, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

Topics of show covered in following links:

Fannie Mae Holds Hand Out Again--5.1 Billion This Time

Downgrades and Global Selloffs

Al Gore admits Defeat

Al Gore Loses Cool as CO2 Myth and Global Warming Take a Dive (with Audio Links)

London Riots Take First Life

Wanted for Looting

Troops Prepare to Deal with Looters and Arsonists

Violence Across England

Police Stand By while Shops Looted and Burned

Riots Across London

Sale of the Century in London

New Lucrative Business--Stamina Pills from Dead Babies

Revolution Flashmobs and Brain chips--Article from 2007

"DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036" [PDF file, 6 MB] (U.K. Department of Defence Document).

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