Securing Your Home And Doing The Work By Yourself For Your Own Benefit

I've always been a DIY guy. Even before I heard the term &ldquo;do it yourself&rdquo;, I was a do it myself kind of person. Every time I work on a project from start to finish, I get a big feeling of accomplishment, a nice self esteem increase, and a new skill. These days, I don't have time to do everything myself. I hire people to do my yard work, my plumbing jobs, and even some construction projects. <br><br>However, there are a few projects that I won't let others do for me. Home security is one of these projects. The reason for this is that do it yourself home security is much safer than the other alternatives. When you have an outsider secure your home, you have to be sure you can trust that person completely. I don't trust strangers to come into my home and setup my security, because I know it gives them the ability to check everything out themselves. <br><br>What is to stop a security company from setting up my home security in such a way that they can invade my home afterward? <br><br>Over the years I've setup my own <a href="" target='_blank'>home security lighting</a>, my own home cameras, and even my own home alarm system. I've even found tools that help me monitor different zones of my yard and even my driveway. There aren't any monthly bills with my system and I didn't have to shell out a fortune in installation costs. In fact, I even save money on my home insurance each month. Most home owners insurance policies will give you a reduced rate for having a security system in place. <br><br>Do it yourself home security really isn't that difficult. Also, it does not have to be done all in one day. I started with the basics and worked my way up to the harder projects. I found that reinforcing the doors was the easiest project of all. An hour or two of work and a little bit of money will dramatically reduce the chances of your door being kicked in while you are sleeping. Buy a little drill, some screws, and some door reinforcement and you are all set. <br><br>The next project I undertook was the implementation of home security lighting. Putting in some lights is a cheap way to increase your security and it even improves the beauty of your lawn. It even keeps me from tripping over the cat when I take the trash out. <br><br>After this, I finished up my do it yourself home security with cameras and alarm systems. They cost a bit more, but make me feel safe and secure. Although it took me a few months of saving, I now know that my family will be safe and sound at night, and that is worth any price in my book. <br><br>If you would like to read more about <a href="" target='_blank'>do it yourself home security</a> or home security lighting, you may want to check out some of my sites.

Buildipedia DIY - How to Replace Door Hardware

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