Property Master’s Secrets For Home Security Lighting

Home security lighting is one of the easiest methods for hardening your home defense. The use of security lighting does not cost much, is not difficult to implement, and is statistically proven to reduce crime. I wrote this article to help folks see the validity of the previous statement. In addition to this, I'll give the homeowner some implementation tips for beefing up their lighting situation. <br><br>It is a well known fact that home security lighting is simply the least expensive method for securing a home. Bars on windows, security screen doors, alarm systems, and camera systems are all more expensive. Just one set of security bars for one window will cost you a minimum of twenty five dollars. Multiply this number by how many windows the average house has, and you can see how this can get expensive very quickly. <br><br>Using lights for security can be as cheap as having motion detection lights installed neared your doorways and on the sides of your house. This will illuminate anybody that is trying to gain entry to your house. Since you probably already have some lighting setup at your house, you'll just have to switch those lights to a motion detection system. <br><br>Solar lighting is another method easy security upgrade you can make today. Solar lights can be had for about two or three dollars each. Even though small solar lights do not produce significant amounts of illumination, they do make pathways safe and they do take away hiding spots from rapists and vandals. Installing these lights is as easy as driving stakes into the ground. <br><br>The reason <a href="" target='_blank'>home security lighting</a> is so effective is that it deters criminals from staying near your property. Vandals tend to like wandering around properties without being detected. They also want to have lots of time to get into your home without interference. When you place security lighting around your home, criminals lose these two things. <br><br>Security lighting does not cost an arm and a leg, which makes it effective for people of all income levels. This means that for the same price you would pay for one security screen door, you can illuminate your entire property. While the first safe guard would only protect one of your doors, the lighting would protect both you and your entire house. <br><br>Also, home security lighting serves more than one purpose. You'll find that your security lighting is great for helping you take out the trash without tripping, and it can even make your lawn more enjoyable to hang out on at night. Can you think of a dual purpose for having bars on your windows? Because this type of security has two purposes, it ends up being a much better bang for your buck. <br><br>Thanks for reading this article on home security lighting. Learn more about <a href="" target='_blank'>do it yourself home security</a> at

Vacation? Home Security TIPS TO MAKE YOUR HOME SECURE - 360-244-4231

• Make sure your home looks like someone is living in it. Don't close your curtains - in daytime this shows the house is empty. Think about getting automatic time-switches to turn your lights on when it goes dark.
• Fit mortise locks or bolts to all outside doors, and locks to all downstairs or easily accessible windows.
• Cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries.
• Cut the lawn before you go and trim back any plants that burglars could hide behind.
• Get a friend or neighbor to look after your home. They can collect your mail, mow your lawn and so on. This gives the impression that someone is living in your home. If you leave keys with a neighbor, don't label them with your address.
• Don't leave valuables, like your TV, hi-fi or video, where people can see them through windows.
• Mark any valuable items with your postcode and house number using an 'invisible' pen that you can get from DIY shops. If your property is stolen, this will help the police to identify it if it is found, which might not only allow them to return it to you but could also provide them with better evidence to convict the people responsible.
• Make sure that you have up-to-date contents insurance.
• Do not put your home address on your luggage when you are traveling to your holiday destination.
• Lock the garage and shed with proper security locks, after putting all your tools safely away so they cannot be used to break into your house. If you have to leave a ladder out, put it on its side and lock it to a secure fixture with a 'close shackle' padlock or heavy-duty chain.
• Finally, lock all outside doors and windows. If you have a burglar alarm, make sure it is set and that you have told the police who has the key.
• And just before you set off, its worth spending a couple of minutes checking that you've done all you had to do and taken everything that you need with you.

Help from your neighbors

• It's also a good idea to get help from your neighbors. It asks them to keep an eye on your home while you're away.
• You could also ask them to collect post left in the letter box, sweep up leaves, even mow the lawn and generally make the place look lived in.
• You can repay the favor by doing the same for them. Warn the neighbor who has your key not to put your surname, address or even your house number on your keys in case they fall into the wrong hands.
• Is there a Neighborhood Watch scheme where you live? Your local police will tell you if there is a scheme in your area or help you set up one of your own. It could help you keep your home secure while you're away, and has many other crime prevention and community benefits.

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