Investigating Home Security Alarm System

There are many types and levels of home security available to Tennessee residents. The state is a mix of rural and urban areas and the threats and expectations are quite varied. Many Tennesseans take their security in their own hands by keeping weapons on hand or dogs in the home. Weapons can pose a safety problem, as well as making a homeowner vulnerable to criminal charges in some cases. For many, the best choice is one of the many home security alarms available. In this article, the benefits and weaknesses of some of the security options are examined. Self-installed alarms, basic installation services and professional, monitored systems will be discussed.

Just about any do-it-yourselfer can install one of the widely available department store alarm kits. With two or three wireless sensors and a controller, installation takes less than an hour. An area motion detector and one or two door or window sensors are included. A few higher-priced self-installed alarms include the ability to make phone calls to owner-programmed numbers. Some even offer monitoring at an extra cost.

Before placing family's security in a bargain alarm system, homeowners should be aware of some inherent weaknesses in these kits. The two most obvious weaknesses are battery life and the limited number of sensors. The quality and sensitivity of kit-based sensors is at best questionable. Non-professional installers often overlook security vulnerabilities and make mistakes that expose the family and property.

Much better security is available from professional Tennessee home security services. Professionals keep abreast of the technological advances in the industry and the methods being employed by criminal types to get past security systems. Professional installers will mount sensors and controllers that use house electricity for power and fall back on battery power when electricity fails. Security lapses caused by battery life are eliminated.

Alarm systems provide a warning when a sensor is tripped or a threat is detected. Monitored systems go beyond that with the ability to very a problem and notify authorities. Some Tennessee home security services are nationwide companies with professional, full-time agents monitoring their systems. Other local companies can provide locally-based monitoring and even security patrols.

With the wide implementation of alarm systems, local police agencies became unable to directly monitor security systems the way they did in the past. Repeated false alarms were wasting too much of the policemen's time. Monitoring services verify the danger or breach before contacting authorities. This adds a few seconds to the total response time, but keeps the police from wasting time on false alarms.

Local monitoring centers can provide a response time edge for Tennessee home security services. Some local security companies have direct links to police by phone lines or radio for rapid response. Many locally-based services also have or can provide regular patrols, site inspections and radio dispatched security officers.

A homeowner's choice of home security system involves several factors. The resident's financial resources, perceived threat and ability to defend his life and property all play into the decision of home security cameras.

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