How to Secure a House: 9 Tips From a Burglar

<br><br>Nowadays, people with bad intentions such as burglars are becoming more and more smart. So to keep your valuables and properties safe from the bad guys, you must be smarter than them. Read on and learn some clever tips from a burglar. <br><br>1. Before breaking in, burglars survey the neighbourhood first. They will find out when and what time people go to work. They will find out when your neighbours leave their homes. If you and your neighbours leave for work at nighttime, make your house look like someone's inside by leaving one light in your living room on. But do not forget to put your curtains downs and your blinds closed.<br><br>2. Don't leave anything nice and expensive on sight. This will make your home a good target. Keep and secure your expensive car inside the garage. Make sure any expensive things inside your home is not seen from the outside. If you just purchased an expensive appliance or device conceal the packaging. <br><br>3. If you installed a security system, do not put a sticker that says “Protected by ADT” on your door. Letting robbers know what kind of security system you installed will give them sufficient information on how to disable it. You can warn them about your system by using a generic sticker instead.<br> <br>4. Get a dog. Burglars are more worried about the bark than the bite. A little playful dog with it annoying barks can startle robbers more than a German Shepherd.<br><br>5. Trim your bushes so they will not grow tall and thick. These are good hiding spots for the bad guys. <br><br><br>6. Don't think that burglars only go around and rob during the night. Make sure your house is secure anytime of the day. They come when you least expect it.<br><br>7. Have exterior lights installed. If possible, have one with a timer or a motion sensor floodlight. This will definitely startle robbers as it warns you when even the slightest motion triggers the light.<br><br>8. If you have fences and gates, check if their design and height can intimidate or discourage burglars. Consider <a href="" target='_blank'>automatic gate</a> with alarm system. <br><br>9. Keep in mind that the main goal is not just to make your home totally break-in proof but to make it less “hot” in the eyes of people with ill intentions.

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