How to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in the Home

Carbon monoxide (CO) does not have any colour, taste, or smell. It can kill you before you even know it. These all make this gas a very big threat to your whole household considering that there are so many things in your house that may emit this fatal gas. So, it is very important to know preventive measures in order to avoid CO poisoning. Check out the following.

1. Identify home tools, appliances, and equipment that are capable of emitting CO. Normally, anything that burns gas, or emits heat or smoke is a potential source of CO; things like gas heaters, ovens, stoves, fireplaces, even your car.

2. Do not use anything that makes use of diesel or petrol inside poorly ventilated areas, inside you house, or in partially covered spaces.

3. Install tested and reliable ventilation system in your home to get rid of CO in case of leakage. See to it that your ventilation system functions properly at all times.

4. At least once a year, have your home tools, appliances, and equipment checked for any leak. Consider carbon monoxide testing.

5. As much as possible, purchase home appliances, equipment, and tools that are powered by batteries or electric energy instead of those run by diesel or petrol.

6. Label home tool, appliance, or equipment with CO hazard warning. Make sure your labels are easily seen, read, and understood.

7. Orient your family about the danger of CO and give them a simple training about safety and first aid measures. And learn the signs and symptoms of CO poisoning, as a family.

8. Install at least one carbon monoxide detector in your house, particularly in the kitchen where most home appliances that may emit CO can be found. However, to ensure absolute safety, install one CO detector in all the rooms in your house. This may sound so expensive, but you will give the least concern about money if we are already talking about the safety, health, and lives of your family members.

9. See to it that everyone in your family, including helpers, knows how to correctly use anything in your house that can emit CO.

10. Make sure your chimney is regularly cleared to prevent CO build-up.

11. Do not let your car engine running in the garage as fumes can build up easily. The fumes are capable of seeping through small spaces of your door and window and into your house very quickly.

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