How To Adjust Solar Motion LED Garden Lights

Hi, this is Justin, I am so amazed with these LED Outdoor Garden Lights, I did a quick video on how to adjust them. First, let me tell you a bit about these home lights. The LED Outdoor Lights, made by Solar Motion Lighting, are solar powered, motion sensing flood lights I bought from Amazon. They are easy to install and don't require to be wired into the house mains power, so they can be placed virtually anywhere you require and automatic wireless led light. I ordered them from Amazon and they arrived rapidly and where half the cost of equivalent lights found in Lowes and Walmart! I have just ordered another 2 to put outside near my BBQ and patio area.

In my video, I cover how to set each of the three settings or adjustments on the solar power motion sensing outdoor lights. The settings are 'Duration' for how long you want the light to stay on when it has detected motion, 'Lux' is the setting for when you want to adjust the garden lights to only come on at night, and finally the 'Sensitivity' setting is for how sensitive you want the these home lights to detect motion from the PIR sensor.

According to the Amazon listing, the Solar Motion Lights have a new and improved design which includes better weatherproofing of the outdoor lights and solar panel which increases product life. The security lights are wireless, meaning no external power is required, and made with ABS plastic and aluminium for added durability.

These outdoor patio lights are straightforward to install and set up. As I discussed, these patio lights call for no electrical mains wiring when you install them. The led outdoor lights are fantastic for installing in remote locations where power is not readily available and make great garden lights or and can be used for outdoor security lights for houses.

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