Home Security Systems Vancouver CCTV Cameras: The Issue about Worker Privacy Rights

There's an undying subject that the employees are posting from the use of the closed circuit television camera or CCTV surveillance camera and this one is not yet solved until today. This problem discusses the loss of the privacy rights of the workers due to the utilization of CCTV surveillance camera. This specific topic has turned into a talk among the employees, lawyer and civil libertarian sectors.

However, the companies who utilize this modern technology also explained their purpose in doing this. They pointed out that they use the CCTV cameras from home alarm systems Vancouver companies in order to keep track of their workers and to protect the area against all harmful acts like robbery. According to them, using CCTV cameras will also help in increasing the productiveness of their staff members because they are watched from time to time. But because of these monitoring cameras, the privacy of the employees has been taken for granted which is against the right of the employees.

According to some companies, they put up CCTV cameras from home alarms Vancouver providers for good reasons which are to avoid robbery, promote work flow and to maintain the security of the employees which in some cases resulted to taking advantage of the employee privacy rights. Based on some legal experts and human rights authorities, the issues about disrespecting the staff member privacy rights have been happening since then though it was just pointed out not so long ago. Plus they are afraid that it's going to increase each year.

Several companies are already imposing the use of the CCTV cameras. Actually, according to a survey conducted by the American Management Association, almost 60 % of the companies that were asked use the CCTV cameras for the following reason; to prevent theft, violence and sabotage, to improve employee performance and also to increase the safety inside the working area.

Numerous employees are against the use of the CCTV cameras and as these people realize how they are being watched and checked, their eagerness to take this issue to the court have grown. A group of employees have stated the following reasons against their privacy rights that could occur in the stores, industrial facilities and offices. Their reason are they tend to be invaded up to the bathrooms and the changing rooms, they are subjected to publication of employee matters and disclosure associated with medical records.

These organizations are making ways in order to remind their employees to be aware of their rights against privacy so that they will not be cheated or disrespected.

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