For Basic Safety As Well As Security, It Is Better To Put In Window Locks

As a homeowner, one of the smartest things you can do is to install window locks to keep out intruders and unwanted pests. Home access points are windows as they are the weak link in home security. People with children choose locks to prevent child access to open windows, which can lead to severe accidents from falling or allow a child to wander freely outdoors unsupervised. People in every locale can benefit and feel at ease by having locks installed. Potential intruders are a danger in areas where there is is easy window access, but this security is also concerning in higher areas too.<br><br>Ensure you take care to deny criminals the opportunity to commit crime<br><br>The unauthorized entry to home with ease by clever immoral thief s get thwarted by a large number of security measures that are designed to improve window protection and all are a reality with so much variety of locks that are available before us to select. Crimes tend to happen when unethical individuals are presented with the means to commit them without difficulty. <br><br>For home owners interested in the most secure type of lock, heavy-duty mechanisms that must be bolted into place are the best solution. Making our locks even easier to install, there are some that can even be clipped to the window. <br><br>Installation of locks is simple.<br><br>You can buy locks at home improvement stores, hardware shops or on the Internet. Wood-framed windows offer several options for installation, but most locks are installed on the bottom of the window. Most homeowners can install it easily with the help of a few simple tools. All that is needed is the locking assembly, a marking pen, nail, hammer, and screwdriver. The procedure that is used is given below.<br><br><ul style='list-style-type:disc'><li>Starter holes can be best created using nails and hammer</li><li>The mechanism should be tested to ensure the parts meet, and the key works properly.</li><li>Mark the location of pilot holes where the receiver part of the mechanism will be located.</li><li>The receiver and clasp are installed by screwing them to the window.</li></ul><br><br>A small distance opening for ventilation is also possible, with the window locks setup.<br><br>It is very easy to install <a href="" target='_blank'>window locks</a>, but some people are not mechanically inclined and would prefer to entrust the job to a professional craftsmen. In the course of the project, outside help may be choosen by the elderly or disabled people. To safeguard the system's integrity, homeowners, when installing sophisticated alarm systems need assistance This work can be done by the majority of contractors available in the area. Handymen, carpenters, and security professionals are superb choices.<br><br>A special kind of lock is needed for double-hung windows.<br><br>Sash locks are needed for older double-hung windows with upper and lower sections that can be raised or lowered from bottom or top. The <a href="" target='_blank'>locks</a> immobilize both sections so neither can be opened. For authentic restoration of window`s style,home owners often choose the decorative hardware that matches the period. To match the decorator theme and maintain continuity throughout the room, different styles and finishes of window locks can be used. Crescent-style, swing-arm, hook-style and other locks are some of the classic window locks. The locks of cast iron, antique brass, bronze, or burnished nickel are the choices for the decorators. Using the exact procedure explained before these locks can be installed. <br><br>Homeowners are highly recommended to install ground-floor windows with locks for security . Installation of this is easy for most, and provides added security for families. A lock is pretty cheap and easy to order when you get it on the internet and can be installed within minutes. Be sure to read any instructions that come with the assembly to ensure trouble-free operation. Choose the proper lock for each window, install it securely, and enjoy peace of mind.

Burglar speaks out to warn residents

A convicted burglar has spoken out in a bid to encourage home owners to think carefully about security.

Essex Police interviewed the man last year to highlight the motives and methods used by burglars and is using the film to remind residents to lock doors and windows and keep valuables out of view.

Essex Police is working hard to tackle burglary but homeowners can do their bit by making their homes less of a target to thieves.

The burglar said: "I used to walk down streets and try doors. You were guaranteed that out of 20 houses, you'd find three or four back doors had been left open."

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