Electrical Safety Tips You Might Need during the Holiday

The holidays are a joyous time for families in the USA and overseas. Children and adults look forward to a wide range of festivities each year. From consuming eggnog to hanging lights on the Christmas tree, this is the season for families to share a good meal and presents alike. However, if the proper safety precautions have not been used, it can lead to various tragedies, which may involve serious injuries, property damage, and fatalities. In some of these cases, serious troubles can happen due to house fires or from electric shock, since some people will not adhere to simple electrical safety procedures. Detailed below are 3 common electrical safety tips for the holidays. <a href="http://conductiveelectric.com/10-holiday-electrical-safety-tips/" target='_blank'>Always remember these safety tips</a> to enjoy the holidays even more.<br><br><br>Tip #1 - Inspect Holiday Interior Tree Lights <br><br>Prior to a homeowner uses tree lights, they really should inspect them prior to they hang them on the tree. Even when a homeowner purchases a new set, the cables really should not be cracked, frayed, or bare. Moreover, all family members that take part in these practices really should also make sure the bulbs are screwed in tight. This can stop the bulbs from overheating and causing an interior house fire. If all family members will participate in the installation of the lights, nothing unusual will be missed, such as a broken light or slashed wire.<br><br>Tip #2 - Follow Directions Carefully - Outdoor Lights<br><br>Prior to decorating a tree on the outdoors of a home, the homeowner really should guarantee the lights are certified, specifically for outdoor use. This can be accomplished by simply checking the tag that is on the box. On top of that, family members really should not use staples, thumbtacks or nails to hold the outdoor lights in place because it can commence a fire on the outdoors of the home. Instead, the homeowner can use insulated staples or hooks to secure these light bulbs. <br><br>Tip # 3 - Avoid Overloading Sockets with Electrical Decorations<br><br>Some people may fail to read the manufacturer's instructions prior to they use electrical decorations. However, reading the instructions is essential if the homeowner and their family would like to stay away from overheating and overloading extension cords. To stay away from having troubles with overloading a socket, some people purchase four-plug extensions as a workable alternative.<br><br>Reputable electricians in your area like <a href="http://www.youtube.com/user/conductiveelectric" target='_blank'>Conductive Electrical Contracting</a>, 1201 North Orange Street, Suite 700 #757C, Wilmington, DE 19801, 302-319-4061, can check on any electrical hazards you may have if you just give them a call.

KVAR PU 1200 Power Saver Demonstration will KEEP YOU SAFE! Read Description...


KVAR PU 1200 Power Saver devices are awesome for pinching those extra few dollars out of your month-to-month financial spending plan. But what about your safety? Why do you REALLY need one, other than to save money?

With the new Smart Meters coming out (made out of plastic in China & Mexico) and NOT UL listed, your household is at risk. Analog meters (the old style that used to have the dial that would turn) were designed to endure electrical surges and were made to last decades with a thick glass casing. These plastic untested 'smart' meters allow surges to flow into households risking your safety. This puts your household, your house, and your expensive appliances like your Central Air & Heat System, Pool/Water Pumps, Refrigerators, & Freezers into harm's way. Ask the power company to reimburse you for problems due to the new 'Smart Meter' and they will possibly say, "That's your electrical circuitry ma'am not our meter."

Every house owner needs to be aware of what is going on because CORPORATE PROFITS are taking rank over the well-being of you and your loved ones. The Smart Meter Hit List could have your name on it next ... There are some electrical companies that sell whole household surge protection for this very purpose.

A lot of individuals aren't even informed that they require it. Once Smart Meters are in your household, you will begin to observe that you have to replace your refrigerator or deep freezer more frequently than you used to.

There is a way to defy this problem. Your hands are NOT tied behind your back in a war you can not win!

The KVAR Electricity Saver 1200 can be installed directly to your expensive appliances/motors to not only safeguard you from electric surges, but also from overbilling.

Yes, it will actually cause you to waste less energy, power that you are billed for every month by the Energy Company but do not really utilize.

If you have a Central Air System, Heat Pump, Pool Pump, or other large motor, this electrical saving equipment can help you save money, guard you and your loved ones from power surges and yes it is safety tested and approved by UL - unlike the 'Smart Meter'.
To reveal more about a KVAR Electricity Saver 1200 visit: http://www.electricsaver1200.com/power-saver.html

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