Do It Yourself Home Security Guide For Dummies

I have to admit, I am not a very tech-savvy person but with the changing and difficult times, I found it important to install a home security system and stumbled; not knowing there is a do it yourself home security option. <br><br>In the beginning, I purchased the best security system I could afford. This system had all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, I don't know how to whistle and the bell was so high up I couldn't ring it. I felt so dumb. After reading through the manual all day and night, I still couldn't get it to work. Luckily, my neighbor finally came by and told me about a more user-friendly <a href="" target='_blank'>do it yourself home security</a> option. Either that, or I can have somebody else install my posh security system. <br><br>So this is a lesson for all the technological idiots out there, take the do it yourself home security system and you can save on the personnel. It was even a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than my grand Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) that was not of the do it yourself home security kind that I tried to have done by myself and of course, failed, miserably. So my cameras are now languishing in the basement while I got myself another home security system. <br><br>Even an idiot, like me, can install the SSD-16 wireless Do It Yourself Home Security by Keepsafer. It bars intruders by providing security in the doors, windows and the interiors with just one button to alarm and dis-alarm the system. <br><br>It is perfect for houses rather than the close-knit apartments. It also provides protection against fire and emergency cases. It is ideal for a space of about 5,000 square feet. It is called the SSD-16 because it has 16 areas of wireless protection. Each of the sixteen areas will alert me when they are breached. The motherboard, should I say, will identify the kind of intrusion on the sensor and what activity should be undertaken. This system can even call a security control office to alert others of your emergency. Although the alert system is a bit more costly, you can't put a price on piece of mind. This is not just on the burglary area but also in cases of fire. <br><br>Now, it doesn&rsquo;t take a rocket scientist to install this type of do it yourself home security. All you have to do is place the sensors in 16 areas that you consider critical and then have the motherboard in either the alarm mode or have it disarmed, with just one click of a button. Have the motherboard in the bedroom, on your side table for easy access.

How To Remove Win7 Home Security

In This Video I show you how to remove the fake antivirus application Win7 (meant for Windows 7) Home Security

About Win7 Home Security:
Win 7 Home Security 2011 is a clone of XP Home Security 2011 and Vista Home Security 2011 frauds. The programs are identical; the name in the title is the only difference. Do not mistake any of the "Home Security 2011" for a real security application!

Win 7 Home Security 2011 is a rogue program. It urges its victims to pay for keeping the tool while the tool is actually useless. Win7 Home Security 2011 is incapable of detecting or removing malware. It's a computer parasite distributed by trojans and fraudulent websites. The goal of Win7 HomeSecurity 2011 is tricking people into buying the fake program. Avoid the trap and remove Win 7 Home Security 2011.

Should I buy Win7 Home Security? No, it is malicious and it will get your money through your credit card.

Are all those threats real? Don't worry, none of them are.

Will this completely remove Win7 Home Security? Yes it will.

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