Be Careful Before Purchasing A Keyless Lock

It is no secret that keyless locks are gaining in popularity because of the convenience of not having to carry a set of keys with you wherever you go. Some people also think that a keyless lock provides better protection than a traditional keyed lock along with the added convenience of not having to use a key.

Virtually all modern keyless locks on the market have one flaw built into them that make them no more secure than a normal pin lock.

You see, in order to open a “keyless lock” that has broken a backup key is used to unlock the lock. This means that the lock is susceptible to being picked, vandalized and bumped just like a regular lock.

From watching TV we see how someone with a little know-how can pick a lock and there are modern lockpicking guns for sale online that make it easy for a novice to pick a lock.

The scariest of all is the lock bumping technique. Everyone that I know has never heard of lock bumping but once I explain it to them they are shocked. Lock bumping is easy to learn on the Net. There are tons of videos that show you how to make a bump key from a normal key and how to then use it to bump a lock.

Worse still is that over 90% of all locks on our doors currently can be bumped open by practically anybody in literally seconds. Some lock makers have attempted to make bump proof locks but the last model released by a major lock manufacturer was soon bumped after it was released.

The key (no pun intended) to purchasing a keyless lock that will not only provide the convenience of no keys and offer a high degree of security is to spend countless hours searching for the best keyless lock that has no keyhole that can be compromised. But, who has the time or desire to search through pages of Bing results and read countless articles and reviews?

Thankfully, I have done quite a bit of research into picking the best keyless lock and I have come to the conclusion that the Sunnect is the ideal keyless lock that offers both convenience and safety.

In fact, the Sunnect just won the prestigious Consumers Digest Best Buy Award in the Electronic Deadbolt division and has been praised by locksmith magazines and well-known locksmiths on their websites.

Just click on the link NOW to see why the Sunnect is THE superior keyless lock choice.

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