Fire Proof Gun Safe

What do you look for in a fire proof gun safe?

Well first of all do you need a fire proof gun safe? I guess this is up to you. A good fire proof safe will protect your gun and any other valuables stored inside it through a fire. You need to decide if it is worth spending, perhaps, a good bit of money, to protect a simple (and maybe cheap) handgun or two. Now if you have expensive guns and other important valuables that need protecting from fire than yes definitely you want a fire proof gun safe.

What kind of fire will my fire proof gun safe be protected from –

… you may ask? Statistics show that a typical home fire will usually get to be about 700 or 800 degrees F and will usually only last for 20 to 30 minutes before the fire department arrives and puts it out. Therefore any safe which has a rating that exceeds this should be more than adequate. There are safes on the markets in which will protect its contents from higher temperatures than those listed above and can protect them for hours. Obviously you will pay dearly for these so make sure you know what you are getting.

How do I know what this rating is?

The best way is to look for an Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) testing stamp of approval. In fact it should really say the safe passed the UL testing and not simply that it was tested per the standard. UL is a well known and established, non profit laboratory which will test things and give unbiased results and conclusions. You can trust them.

Fire proof gun safe

First Alert Fire Proof Safe

What about safe construction?

Well this is hard to tell by simply looking. You’d have to read about it on the manufacturer’s web site or brochure. One thing to check is how thick the wall is. Generally the thicker the wall the more fire protection. Manufacturers use a variety of materials to fire proof their safe, but probably all you need to know is the fire rating discussed above. If the fire rating is sufficient for you, than the wall construction should also be adequate.

What Do You Want in a Safe?

Up to this point, the highlights of a fire proof gun safe have been covered. From here on you need to look at it from the safe standpoint. What do you want in a gun safe, and then what are your options for a gun safe which offers the fire protection you need? Remember not all gun safes are fire proof. In fact you may have some trouble in finding what you want in a fire proof gun safe. For instance you may want a portable safe to carry or easily move around. However, to get this in a fire proof model may be difficult.

Some of your bigger choices in a gun safe are the type of lock you will have on it. It can be a key lock, combination, electronic or fingerprint lock. Fingerprint or biometric gun safes are becoming very popular since they offer super quick and easy opening. Simply touch the pad and you are in. No fumbling for keys or trying to remember codes or combinations.

Another thing to consider is the size of the safe. You need to know how much, or what, you are going to store in it and then get one accordingly.

The Bottom Line on a Fire Proof Gun Safe

…. is that it is an excellent investment. A fire proof gun safe will keep your fire arms or valuables secure from unauthorized people and safe from that accidental fire which we hope will never come.

Fire Proof Gun Safe

Biomtric gun safes are not necessarily fire proof

What is a Fire Proof Gun Safe?
Fire proof gun safes are just that – safes designed to protect your gun (or other articles) from a fire. Fire proof gun safes are very similar to other safes but are built, specifically, to withstand fires.

Fire Proof Ratings
When looking for a fire proof gun safe, the fire rating is the most important thing to consider (or know) before buying a safe.

Fire proof safes are rated at how long the inside of a safe will remain below 350 F. The temperature outside the safe could be 1700 or 1800 degrees F but the inside of the safe would be 350 degrees or less. (This temperature is usually satisfactory for most articles – see below for more information on this)

The next part of the rating is how long the inside of the safe can maintain that 350 or lower temperature. Safes are rated to last 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 two hours (maybe some longer).

In other words a 2 hour 350 rating would mean that the inside of the safe will be at a 350 or lower temperatures for 2 hours.

(Some safes have a 125 F rating. These are sometimes referred to as media safes because they are made to keep important papers safe)

The important thing to remember is that your gun fire safe has an UL Listed label showing that is has been officially tested to these UL standards.

Which should you get?

It depends. If you consider the extremes, if you live in a city, typically most house fires are extinguished in less than one hour. However, if you live in the country, a house fire may last longer than an hour.

Secondly, the higher the fire rating, the smaller the internal physical dimensions of your safe. Also, the price will be higher.

The bottom line is that only you can make that decision. You have to weigh your options and decide what you want to store in it and then make the choice.

If you are looking for a fire proof gun safe, you also need to look at the type of locking mechanism. These vary from keys to combination to electronic locks.

Lastly, when looking for a fire proof gun safe it is best to stick with the reputable manufacturers. The more reputable manufacturers use thicker steels and use actual fireboard (similar to linings of high temperature kilns or furnaces) instead of other cheaper grades of who knows what kind of fiber board.

If you follow this last recommendation you won’t be buying a safe at your local, big box store or home improvement store. Generally speaking these safes, sold at these places, simply are not as good as the type you really need.

Fire Proof Gun Safe Manufacturers
Reputable manufacturers of fire proof gun safes are Ft. Knox, Browning, Bighorn, Cannon and Sentry.

Simply put, before purchasing a safe, do a little research on the net and check out all the major players. Maybe you even have a local security or hunting/fishing outlet that carries some of the more reputable brands where you could visit and check out.

A safe is a major investment, so make a good choice now and you won’t be sorry later.