Fingerprint Gun Safes

Fingerprint Gun Safe Reviews

What is a Fingerprint Gun Safe?
Fingerprint gun safes, are just that, gun safes that require a fingerprint to open. No keys to carry or combinations to remember. Another name for fingerprint gun safes is biometric gun safes since fingerprints are a unique trait to each individual -- which is where biometrics come from.

Fingerprint Gun Safe Features
Fingerprint gun safes allow you quick access, in a second or two or less. You also have the option of programming more than one fingerprint into the system. This allows you to have other members of your family have access to the gun or valuables stored in safe. The number of fingerprints that can be programmed into the system varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. This number could be anywhere from 10 to hundred(s).

The electronics of the locks are powered by a battery with some offering an AC adaptor backup in case the battery dies. Most battery powered last up to a year and some come with a flash memory to temporary store the information in case there is a total power failure.

Hand gun safes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be small, holding one or two pistols, to larger ones which are meant to be wall mounted or free standing. Many gun safes are usually of the smaller type. They come in different finishes and depending on the size – different weights. Portable gun safes can be portable, tethered to something or mounted to something.

What If There Is A Problem Opening My Safe?
You may wonder what happens if the safe doesn’t recognize your fingerprint. Well, the first thing is that this rarely happens. Biometric lock systems have been developed to the extent that failure rates (either of allowing an unauthorized person to enter or keeping you out) are between 0.0001% to 0.1% (with some increasing to 1.0%)

However, if you are ever locked out of your gun safe there usually is a ‘backdoor’ entry. Some use keys, a hidden code or special combination. (the type of “backdoor” will depend on the type of gun safe you have) The bottom line is that it is best to check with the manufacturer to see how to handle an unopening failure before purchasing one of these pistol safes.

Lastly one final important note. Fingerprint gun safes are generally not fire proof or water proof. If they are, they will be identified as such (and you will pay more for them). So, if you want your gun safe to be fire or water proof you specifically have to order one of these.

Fingerprint Gun Safe Manufacturers
That just about summarizes the important points of fingerprint gun safes. If you want more information or want to purchase one, you should visit the manufacturers’ web site. Major players in the fingerprint gun safe market are Gunvault, LockSAF, Barska, Sequiam, and BioMETRX. Many other sites sell these brands too, so you can visit some fingerprint gun safe sites and they will offer you selections from multiple manufacturers