Electronic Gun Safe

What is an Electronic Gun Safe?

An electronic gun safe is simply a small safe (large enough to store a hand gun or two) which has an electronic lock on it.

What is an Electronic Lock?

An electronic lock is the “generic” term for any kind of lock that is electronic. A good simple example of an electronic lock would be the pad on your ATM or the keypad at your local grocery store that is used if you use a debit or credit card.

So to gain access to an electronic gun safe would you would simply enter your access code. Depending on the manufacturer, the number of digits in your code will vary. It could be 5 to 7 or more digits.

One of the Nice Things about Electronic Gun Safe Locks is

…. that since it is electronic, it can offer some very good benefits. One of these is that more than one code can be entered. This means multiple people can all have their own codes and access to the contents.

Another benefit is that the electronic lock can be programmed that if the wrong code is entered too many times it will lock out everyone.

Electronic locks can also be programmed to record time stamps, or in other words, when someone (and who) opened the lock. Safe access can also be programmed such that the safe can only be opened certain times of the day.

Electronic locks can run on batteries and/or electric so preparations need to be made for that. When the batteries are removed, you won’t lose what is in its memory.

Electronic Gun Safe lock

Electronic Lock

The Same Safe

Other than the electronic lock on these safes, an electronic gun safe is basically the same as any other safe, or gun safe, whether it has a combination lock on it or a key or even a fingerprint lock. In fact, some safe manufacturers offer you the choice of any lock you want and some few safes even come with two types of lock on for extra security.

Electronic gun safes come in a variety of sizes from small portable ones, which hold one hand gun, on up to large safes capable of holding multiple rifles or shotguns plus much more.

Fire Proof Electronic Gun Safe or Not??

If a fire proof gun safe is what you want, you’ll have to look a little harder. Not all gun safes are fire proof. A fire proof electronic gun safe does exist but is not as prevalent as the non-fire proof safes.