Sequiam Biometric Gun Safe Review

Sequiam Biometric Gun SafeSequiam Biometric Gun Safe

The Sequiam biometric gun safe is one of the smallest, toughest and durable small safes on the market. It is perfect for taking along on travel so you can keep your small valuables safe. It easily fits under your seat, in a drawer or many other small places and comes with a strong wire tether to anchor it down so it can’t easily ‘walk off’.

Since this is a biometric fingerprint safe, it allows you quick and easy access to your valuables with the touch of a finger. Simply touch the start button and then place your finger on the fingerprint recognition pad and within a second or two, it will open.

Just as with other biometric safes or devices, more than one person can have access to its contents since you can store up to 30 fingerprints. The finger print data will also not be lost if the batteries die or power goes out since they are stored in a flash memory.

The Sequiam Biometric Gun Safe May Not Be What It Used To Be

You may still find some of these Sequiam biometric gun safes being sold but the author believes that the Sequiam brand may have been sold to LockState (which is being marketed as the LS-SC1000 or SafeCase). This was determined after much research, not being able to access the Sequiam web site, and comparing photos of the Sequiam and Lockstate which are identical except for the logo.

For More Info on the Sequiam Biometric Gun Safe...

To read more about the Sequiam biometric gun safe please find it here at LockState Biometric gun safe.

LockState Biometric Gun Safe Review

LockState Biometric Gun Safelockstate biometric gun safe

The LockState Biometric Gun Safe is the only one made by this manufacturer at this time. It is the LockState LS-SC1000 or SafeCase. If you are looking for some extra security for your small hand gun or valuables, this gun safe will be very affordable and more than sufficient.

The SafeCase is relatively small (outside dimensions of about 7.25” x 10.75” x  2”) but provides sufficient storage for handguns, jewelry, personal documents or other small valuables. As would be expected, quick access is possible through their re-designed optical fingerprint reader.

LockState Biometric Gun Safe's Biometric Scanner

The fingerprint reader uses the latest biometric technology to recognize wet, dirty, oily or normal fingerprints. Its recognition memory can store up to 30 fingerprints so many people can have access to the valuables if you so desire. The SafeCase is powered by 4 AA batteries that should allow over 1000 openings. In addition, the fingerprint information is not lost when batteries die or are replaced. This gun safe is made completely from steel construction which gives it nearly an impenetrable barrier. Because of its small size, a security cable is included with your purchase so no one can simply walk off with it.

Fire Proof It Is Not!
The SafeCase Biometric gun safe is meant to store your valuables safely. It is not built to withstand a fire and as such is NOT a fire safe.

In Case of Problems
In case you are wondering what to do if the biometrics ever fail – well it comes with an over ride key which is used when you first get the gun safe or it can be used at any other time you wish to open the safe.

How To Open the Fingerprint Safe

After you have your fingerprints programmed into the sensor, opening the fingerprint safe is as simple as 1.) Pushing the start button and 2.) Placing your fingerprint on the sensor pad for 1 or 2 seconds. When your fingerprint is recognized, the SafeCase will beep and the door can be opened.

Some Interesting Questions about the LockState Biometric Gun Safe

Will the biometrics recognize my finger after swimming or if it has a cut on it?

Yes it should. The moisture in your finger may change your fingerprint slightly. This may require you to enter it a couple of times.

If your finger has a cut on it, the same would apply as above. It should recognize it but it may take you a couple of times. If you have stitches, you may need to re-enter your finger print into its biometrics memory or use a different finger.

If your finger gets cut off, can someone else use it to access the SafeCase?

No, the biometric safe uses a sensitive biometric sensor that requires the finger to be attached.

Are LockState and Sequiam the Same?

While the author cannot prove this beyond a shadow of doubt, research shows that this LockState was formerly made by Sequiam and was marketed under the BioBox name. As proof, compare a photo of the LockState biometric gun safe with the Sequiam biometric gun safe and they should look identical except for the logo on them.

The LockState Biometric Gun Safe can be purchased through Amazon

LockState LS-SC1000 Fingerprint Biometric Safe Case LockState LS-SC1000 Fingerprint Biometric Safe Case
Sale Price: $164.00


Includes key override and security cable. Biometric finger print access control. Store up to 30 fingerprints. Print recognition in less than 1 second. Requires 4 AA batteries. Warranty: 1 year. 9.5 in...


  • Biometric finger print access control
  • Store up to 30 fingerprints
  • Print recognition in less than 1 second
  • Key override and security cable included
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries

BioVault 2.0 Gun Safe Review

BioVault 2.0 Gun Safe

The Biovault 2.0 gun safe was developed by Sequiam. It provides dependable and safe storage for your gun, medicine, ammunition or other small and important valuables.

As the name implies, the BioVault is a biometric (fingerprint) gun safe, meaning that at a touch of a finger, any enrolled and authorized person can have access to its contents.

Creating authorized access is a relatively simple thing to do with its small LCD digital display. (Rather than explaining here, you just need to follow the instructions in the manual) Any fingerprints (which can hold up to 50) stored in its flash memory will remain there – even if the batteries lose power. However, finger prints can also be easily deleted if you want to limit access to the contents.

What makes the Biovault 2.0 gun safe different from most other biometric gun safes

... is that it does not have a backup key or “backdoor” access in case there ever is a problem with the fingerprint reader. The first person to enroll his/her fingerprint in the system is the administrator. As such, the administrator should enter his/her print 2 or 3 times just to improve the chances of reading it.

The BioVault 2.0 gun safe is a very sophisticated and highly reliable and engineered electronic unit. It Is supposed to be very dependable, but if it ever fails, the author can not find (on the net) what one is supposed to do other than contact the manufacturer. There supposedly is something that the user can do but it can't be found on the net.

Biovault 2.0 Gun Safe Construction

As with all other small home safes, its construction is of all steel with  outside dimensions measuring approximately 12.5” Wide, 17.75 ” Long and 6” Deep. As proof of the BioVault 2.0 gun safe quality and "likability", it has  and has been endorsed by the NRA firearms safety instruction program.

The Biovault 2.0  gun safe can be confidently purchased from the reputable and omnipresent Amazon. Except it sometimes is not offered there and sometimes hard to find.

Large Heavy Metal Gun and Jewelry Safe with Latest Generation Biometric Finger Print Lock and LED Backlight Control Panel Large Heavy Metal Gun and Jewelry Safe with Latest Generation Biometric Finger Print Lock and LED Backlight Control Panel
Sale Price: $139.99


BioVaults are loaded with security features that will ensure your valuables are safe--and there when you need them. We offer biometric entry systems where you store your fingerprint(s) in the state-of-the-art onboard memory storage system and then simply scan your finger across the reader to gain immediate access to the contents of your BioVault...


  • 3rd generation Laser Finger print scanner
  • Heavy duty ruggedized steel construction w/ Powder coated
  • Backlight LED Control Panel
  • With a capacity of 100 fingerprints
  • Include High strength Steel Security cable and backup keys
Sequiam Biometrics® BioVault 2.0 Sequiam Biometrics® BioVault 2.0
Sale Price: $499.00