American Security Safes

American Security Safes

American Security Products, AMSEC, has been in the protection and security industry since 1948. Over this time, they have designed, built and provided a broad range of safes for the home owner and professional. Obviously with this much of experience their safe designs have evolved into some of the best on the market.

American Security Products Co. may best be known for offering the industry’s best fire protection and burglary safes.

American Security Fingerprint Lock

American Security Biometric Lock

Extreme Testing
Amsec safes are also special in that each safe undergoes a rigid 28-point inspection and many undergo additional industry standard comprehensive testing. Amsec, all the while, maintains the tightest of tolerances and highest of build standards.

Amsec customer service is another thing that makes them stand out from the crowd. For one thing they have technical specialists available to help with any safe problem you may encounter and they are available 24 hrs a day – 365 days a year.

American Security Safes is One of the Largest Manufacturer

American Security builds over 60,000 safes a year with the highest of security technology. This makes them the largest security safe manufacturer in the world, and that’s why you can’t buy a better gun safe than an American Security safe.

All in all, their reputation, product design, technology, and customer support combine to make them the best in the industry.

AMSEC Products
Amsec builds all sizes of safes for both commercial applications and home safes. They are mostly known for their large vaults offering superior fire protection. They have 5 different series of safes (BF, HS, RF, SF, TF) – each offering a different degree of fire ratings and fire protection. (All safes are designed to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350˚F)

As for size their safes vary from large (capable of holding multiple rifles and shotguns and much much more) down to small hand gun safes measuring dimensions of 12 in x 8 in x 4in.

The locking system is typically electronic locks or their new biometric locks, both which offer speedy access to your valuables.

Biometric Fingerprint Safe
The AMSEC Biometric fingerprint electronic Lock incorporates patented fingerprint technologies, including features like a self-learning software, Time Delay / Time Window, 30 fingerprint storage capacity, battery saving design (uses one 9V battery) and low battery alert and comes in Brass or Chrome Finish.

American Security Safes also offers a wide variety of accessories including lights, pistol racks, door organizers, shelves, wood cabinets (to fit in safes), and dehumidifiers to name a few.

American Security gun safes can be confidently purchased from the reputable and omnipresent Amazon.

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