What Is Important in A Home Security Safe?

Home Security Safes-Biometric Gun Safes

Home Security Safes - 3 Things To Look For and Know Before Buying

Home security safes, as the name suggests, are for the typical homeowner who wants to protect valuable or important papers, precious jewelry, firearms, or other miscellaneous valuables.

Home security safes are not only good for safely storing valuables out of site, but if the right safe is purchased, it will also protect these valuables from fire. This is an important point because not all home safes are fire proof. One needs to clearly read or learn about any safe that is about to be purchased to insure it is truly fire proof. If it is truly a fire proof safe, it should have an Underwriters Laboratories rating stating the specifics of its fire proof capabilities.

Now having said that, if one is concerned about keeping valuables safe from flooding – that is a whole new game. Not all safes are waterproof just like not all safes are fire proof. Again due diligence on your future safe purchase is important.

Home security safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It just depends on what you want to store in them. Safes can be small, being just big enough to hold a few hand guns or jewelry, or big enough to hold a number of large firearms like rifles or shot guns.

Smaller safes are small enough to carry around. Therefore if one of them is purchased, it will have to be mounted to a wall, a shelf or tethered to something immovable. They can also be hidden in the wall, closet or floor.

The larger safes are too big to hide or simply carry off so they can safely set out in the open.

The type of lock on your home safe also will vary. There are still the “old fashioned” combination dials which you spin right and left to gain access. Then there are electronic safe locks. These have an electronic key pad in which you enter, say a 2 to 9 digit pass code. Then lastly, you have a biometric lock (sometimes called a fingerprint lock) in which you simply touch your finger to the pad and the safe will open.

So the bottom line of a home security safe, is, you need to know the answers to the following three questions before buying. After that is done, your possibilities will be greatly narrowed down.

1. Decide on the size of the safe you want. This will be dependent on what you want to store in it.
2. Decide what “protections” you want in a home safe. Do you want it to be fire proof or water proof? If so, you need to read the specifics of each type.
3. Decide the type of lock you would like – electronic keypad, fingerprint or biometric or combination dial.

After these decisions are made you can start researching the different types of home security safes. The only other recommendation is that you stay with the better known brands. There are a lot of cheap, not so safe, safes on the markets, so buyer beware!