What is the Best Gun Safe?

What is the Best Gun Safe?

Well that is up to you, the buyer!

What To Store In It?
Before buying, think of what you want to store in your safe. How many guns, pistols, rifles, or shotguns will you be storing in it? Then too, will you be purchasing any more firearms in the future? Do you also want to store other valuables, like jewelry or other valuables in it?

Where Will You Put It?
Decide where you will put the safe. Do you want to mount it to a shelf, the wall, or in a drawer? Do you want it to stand on the floor? Knowing the size and where you will put it will help narrow your selections down quite a bit.

Now that you have those things decided, you can research the different manufactures either online or in stores. One recommendation is to stay away from the big box stores for many times those safes are “cheaply built” and may be made overseas.

Reputable Manufacturers
There are a number of high quality and reputable safe manufacturers on the market. Gunvault, Barska, American Security (Amsec), and First Alert are just a few. Many of these can be purchased online. In fact, Amazon carries many of them.

Types of Construction
Other things to investigate before buying is the type of construction, i.e., steel thickness and hinges. The heavier the better.

Type of Lock?
One more major deciding factor is the type of lock. Will it be the standard, “old fashioned” rotary lock, or will it be one of the newer electronic locks where you simply punch in an access code. Or, will it be one of the more technological advanced biometric fingerprint locks. These require nothing more than your fingerprint to open. Nothing to remember. You just place your finger on the biometric reader pad and you are in. Most of these bio locks give you capability to store multiple finger prints so others than just you can gain access to your safe contents. For more information on biometric locks, please check out this web site.

Fire Proof or Not?
One more consideration is if you want your gun safe to be fire proof. Not all safes are fire proof, so if that is what you want, your selections will be narrowed down a bit.

The Bottom Line to "What is the Best Gun Safe"

The bottom line is that many things go into making a great gun safe. The best gun safe for you may be different than that from someone else. However, you can take comfort in that there are quite a few reputable and excellent safes on the market today. Simply take your time and investigate. After a short while you will have a better understanding of your choices, will be more confident in your selection and you will know what is the best gun safe - for you -- that is.