Biometric Gun Safe Basics

What is a Biometric Gun Safe?
Biometric gun safes, also referred to as fingerprint gun safes, are gun safes that do not use keys or combination locks, but rather rely on biometrics. Biometrics is a fancy way of referring to an unique trait of an individual – like their retina or fingerprint. The safe is programmed with this particular trait and afterwards only a person with that fingerprint, for example, will be able to open it.

How Do You Use a Biometric Gun Safe?
Biometric fingerprint gun safes are very convenient to use. You don’t have to key a key or remember a combination. You simply place your finger on the pad. The internal electronics will read it and let you (or another authorized person) into it. This usually happens within a second or two or less. The sensor is powered by a battery which lasts up to a year. Some safes also have an AC power adapter as backup.

Types of Gun Safes To Consider
Gun safes of any type, whether they be biometric or standard gun safes, come in different sizes and shapes. A smaller gun safe is usually big enough to store a pistol or two and/or other little things. Because they are so small and portable, you need to decide how you want to deal with its portability.

Do you want it to be free, so that it can easily be moved (or stolen)? If so, there is nothing more you need to do to it. If you want it to be NOT portable, then you can sometimes get a tether and bolt the end of it to something. Or some gun saves can be permanently mounted to a wall or something else. Some also can be hidden behind something or installed in the wall. You have many options. Just be aware of what you want in your gun safe and then see what options the gun safe manufacturer offers.

Gun Safes are Just That and May NOT Be Fire or Water Proof
As technology advances, more and more gun safes are giving you other options too, like fire proof or voice activation. Some are even water proof, with a built in heater that keeps it dry from humidity and protects it if flooding were to occur.

The important thing to remember is that it is not a fire proof gun safe unless it is specifically stated. The same applies to it being waterproof. These are extra features which you pay more for.

A Potential Draw Back of a Biometric Gun Safe
Now lets look at the one drawback of a biometric gun safe. While it is easy to open, what happens if it doesn’t.

Well first of all this rarely is supposed to happen. There are adjustments that can be made for sensitivity and other things, but basically they are designed to be fool-proof. Biometric gun safes come with ratings. First there is the “False Accept Rate”. This is the chance that an unauthorized person could gain access to your safe. The chances of this happening are in the 0.0001% to 0.1% range. Then there is the “False Reject Rate”. This is the chance that the safe won’t allow you into it. This rate for varies from 0.00066% to 1.0%. Obviously both of these rates are very low, but sometimes failures can happen. What do you do then?

It is best that you check with the manufacturer to see how they handle these cases. Some safes require a specialized locksmith to get into, while one of the more common backup options is to have a key which is used in emergency situations when it won’t open with your fingerprint. You don’t have to carry this key around, just have it hidden somewhere so that you can get it if needed.

Safe Certifications
Some biometric gun safes are tested by UL (Underwriters Laboratory). If it passes their stringent tests they will give a certification to it stating it is a Residential Security Container.

Biometric Gun Safe Manufacturers
The leading manufacturers of biometric fingerprint gun safes include Gunvault, bioMETRX, Barska, Minivault and Sequiam. Prices range from the low $100 to $300 or $400 or higher even.

You can find many specific reviews and product details on the above sites. But if you understand the basics of a biometric gun safe, as explained above, you’ll be on your way to getting that perfect one to meet your needs.

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