Sequiam Biometric Gun Safe Review

Sequiam Biometric Gun SafeSequiam Biometric Gun Safe

The Sequiam biometric gun safe is one of the smallest, toughest and durable small safes on the market. It is perfect for taking along on travel so you can keep your small valuables safe. It easily fits under your seat, in a drawer or many other small places and comes with a strong wire tether to anchor it down so it can’t easily ‘walk off’.

Since this is a biometric fingerprint safe, it allows you quick and easy access to your valuables with the touch of a finger. Simply touch the start button and then place your finger on the fingerprint recognition pad and within a second or two, it will open.

Just as with other biometric safes or devices, more than one person can have access to its contents since you can store up to 30 fingerprints. The finger print data will also not be lost if the batteries die or power goes out since they are stored in a flash memory.

The Sequiam Biometric Gun Safe May Not Be What It Used To Be

You may still find some of these Sequiam biometric gun safes being sold but the author believes that the Sequiam brand may have been sold to LockState (which is being marketed as the LS-SC1000 or SafeCase). This was determined after much research, not being able to access the Sequiam web site, and comparing photos of the Sequiam and Lockstate which are identical except for the logo.

For More Info on the Sequiam Biometric Gun Safe...

To read more about the Sequiam biometric gun safe please find it here at LockState Biometric gun safe.

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