LockSaf Biometric Gun Safe Review

The New Kid on the Block - LockSaf Biometric Gun Safelocksaf biometric gun safe

The LockSaf biometric fingerprint safe is a relatively new safe and company. It was started by an Entrepreneur a couple of years ago. He was looking for a few different things in a gun safe, and since he could not find them, decided to produce one himself.

After working out the bugs in the design, he traveled the world looking for companies who could manufacture his gun safes to the specifications he demanded. He found what he was looking for and has been in production now for a few years. His product is selling well, comes highly recommended by those who have purchased one and lately has been unable to keep up with orders due to its popularity.

LockSaf Biometric Gun Safe Only Model

There is only one LockSaf biometric gun safe at the moment. It is the PBS-001. (The Personal Biometric Safe) Other safes are on the drawing board.

Unique Features for a Gun Safe

The biometric fingerprint safe was designed with features that other fingerprint gun safe manufacturers did not have. Namely, to have more accessibility (with a uniquely designed lid), to allow it to fit in a drawer (since that is where most people keep their hand guns) and to make it from heavier gauge steel.

The Simplicity of the Design

The safe opens by simply touching “the function button” and then by placing your finger on the fingerprint reader window. This can be done in the dark (but there are two tiny lights that will illuminate) and can be done in 2 seconds.

The nice thing of the LockSaf biometric safe is the simplicity of it. The flip top lid opens to unhindered access to the contents – even when it is in a drawer. The battery will not prematurely drain since it is only connected when the safe is being accessed.

The biometric recognition pad can hold up to 10 fingerprints and comes with a unique key which is used to open it when you first get the safe or if you ever have a problem with it.

All in all, this new and upcoming Locksaf biometric gun safe has a lot to offer at a very reasonable price.

LockSaf can be confidently purchased from the reputable and omnipresent Amazon.

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