Gunvault Biometric Gun Safe Review

Gunvault Biometric Gun Safe gunvault biometric gun safe

If you are looking for a biometric gun safe, one of your main choices will be Gunvault. They have been making gun or pistol safes of all sorts for about 20 years.

The Gunvault line of gun safes includes five “categories”, namely, the nano, micro, mini, multi, and full size safes. As you might expect, these names refer to size.

Gunvault Models

Here are brief descriptions of the different handgun safe styles. The exterior dimensions are approximate (and do vary for different models), are in inches and shown as Width x Height x Depth

The Gunvault Nano

Size: 8.25” x 1.75” x 6”

This model of gun safe is good for carrying in a briefcase or bag. It comes with either key lock or combination.

The Gunvault Micro

Size: 11” x 2” x 8”

This model is slightly larger than the Nano but still only holds one handgun. Its lock is one of Gunvaults’s patented no-eyes lock (described below)



The Gunvault Mini

Size: 8.1” x 4.9” x 12”

This model is big enough to hold a hand gun and a few other small valuables

Multi Vault Biometric Gun safe

Size: 10.1” x 7.9” x 14”

This multi vault biometric model  is slightly bigger than the Mini but is almost twice the height and has a shelf dividing the interior and making it easier to store things.



Full Size Gunvault

Size: 21” x 59” x 18”

This is just one of many of the Full Size safes capable of holding multiple rifles and/or shotguns and other things.

Locking Systems

The Non-Biometric Locking System

Any one who knows anything about gun safes can probably pick a Gunvault safe out immediately. Why is this?? It is because many of their safes have a “handprint” (actually half a hand – just the last four fingers) on the safe lid. This is their patented no-eyes lock that can easily be opened – even in the dark.

You would think, by looking at this hand image, that this was a biometric lock - but it is not. Embedded in each of the finger tips is a button which enables you to enter your access code for the lock which opens the safe. Simply place your hand on the fingerprints, enter your code and bingo – you are in.

To explain this a little more, the access code is really a series of entries on the keypad which are tapped in by your fingers. Now an “entry” is a simultaneous press of one or more of the buttons at the same time. You can have as little as three entries and at most six entries.

To explain how this works, you place your hand on the keypad and press the buttons in the fingertips in the sequence of your access code. (An example might be the first and fourth finger, pressing their buttons one time, followed by your pointer finger pressing its button, followed by fingers three through five each pressing each of their buttons.) This then is your access code. Every time you want to open the door you enter this code the same way each time. There are no numbers to push or visualize. Just push the buttons as if you were typing. This is why they claim you can do it in the dark.

The Biometric Locking System

Now the other lock is truly a biometric or fingerprint gun lock with true fingerprint recognition.The hand print is still there, but on the pointer finger, you have a biometric pad which reads your fingerprint or any one of 29 other enrolled fingerprints giving you quick access to your contents.

One of the neat things about this biometric pad is that its print recognition algorithm is continually remembering, updating and fine tuning the itty bitty details of your fingerprint – making it better and better which reduces the chance of the lock not opening for you or wrongly opening for an unauthorized person. In any case, the chance of failure – either way – is very low.

In Case of Emergency

But have no fear, the fall back position for both types of lock is that there is a key override. If it ever fails, simply find your key, stick it in and open the door. It is as easy as opening your car door.

Standard vs Deluxe Models

Some of the Gunvault biometric gun safes come in both a standard model and a deluxe model. Here are some of the Gunvault features and what differentiates the deluxe model from the standard.

• High-strength locking mechanism, with super precise fittings that are practically impossible to pry open with simple hand tools.

• Over 12 million user-selectable access codes available for the no-eyes lock.

• An audio feedback confirms that you entered the code correctly. (This can be turned off – to keep things quite)

• Battery powered for extra security, easy portability.

• A tamper indicator will tell you if an invalid entry was attempted and a built-in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries.

• The inside has a soft foam to protect its valuables.

The Deluxe Gunvault biometric gun safes have these extra features:

• A motion detector with an audio alarm to help guard against tampering.

• An audio low battery warning to guard against unexpected power loss.

• An interior courtesy light makes for more convenient access.

• A power connection jack for providing an external power supply. (Some can run on either AC/DC. An LED low battery warning alerts you to low battery)

Gunvault also provides other accessories, like high strength security cables and locks, as well as assorted gun locks.

Gunvault can be confidently purchased from the reputable and omnipresent Amazon.

This is just one of there many models!




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