Find a Biometric Gun Safe

How To Find a Biometric Gun Safe

Are you trying to find a biometric gun safe? Well, hopefully this site will help you. There are a number of reputable biometric (fingerprint) and other gun safe manufacturers on the market each offering varying options. So what should you do and which should you choose?

To get you started, you should answer the following questions? These will help you narrow down your options.

What do you want to store in the safe?

Do you want to keep just one hand guns or pistol in it or multiple ones? Will you buy any more guns in the future that will need storing? Do you want to store rifles or shot guns? Do you also want to store other valuables like jewelry or maybe ammunition in it?

Knowing what you want to store will help decide the size.

Along with size, do you want it to be portable or fixed? Do you want to take it with you when you travel or do you want to move it around your house?

find a biometric gun safe

The Locksaf biometric gun safe

What type of lock do you want on it?

There are a few choices here. There is the old combination lock. This usually only comes on bigger safes and some still come with a key.

Then there are electronic locks which require you to enter a access code – like a pin number. Once the correct code is entered, the door will open.

Then there is the biometric fingerprint lock. This lock is dependent on the biometrics technology and the uniqueness of your fingerprint. With this lock, you do not need to fumble for a key or try and remember an access code or combination when you are panicking in trying to open the safe the safe quickly. You simply touch the finger print pad and within a second or two the door will open.

Now biometric locks are not fool proof and on rare occasions may not open for you or in rarer cases may open for an unauthorized person. These instances, however, according to the manufacturers, are very low occurrences.

Most biometric gun locks will come with a back up key which are used in instances when the biometrics fail. The backup key will at least get you into the safe you can retrieve the contents as you figure out what the problem is.

Do you want your biometric gun safe to be fireproof?

Most safes, gun safes or other, are not typically built to withstand fire. If you want a fireproof safe you have to specifically look for this.

Many portable biometric gun safes are not fireproof – otherwise they wouldn’t be so portable.

If the safe manufacturer claims to have fire proof safes, make sure the safe has some kind of outside lab testing certifications, like Underwriter’s Laboratories.

Make sure you consider other options.

Is the construction all steel. How thick is it (safe manufacturers use differing gauges (or thicknesses of steel). Obviously the thicker the better.

If the safe is portable, does it come with pre-drilled hoes for mounting to a wall, shelf or drawer. Does it come with a tether cable to tie it down to an immovable object.

What other accessories does it come with or will you need?

Examples of things to look for here are:
With the fingerprint locking safes, how many fingerprints will it hold. Biometric safe manufacturer vary from 10 to 50 fingerprints. You may say I don’t have 50 people that I want to access it.

Well yes, that is true, but having many fingerprints available to store, allows you to enter multiple fingerprints of your hand or fingers. It is always wise to store multiple images of your main finger. Then too it is sometimes suggested to add more of your fingers than just one or two. Some even suggest adding fingerprints from both hands. These all add up.

Other options are lights – remember to consider how you will open the safe in the pitch dark in the middle of the night.

Then, is it battery powered and/or electric. If battery powered you have portability.

Lastly, how much do you want to spend?

All these things add up. Biometrics are more expensive than key or electronic locks, but also offer other advantages.

Different steel gauges add or subtract from the cost. Heavier steel is more costly but adds more security.

Options also cost – a light is nice but adds dollars.

If you want it to be fireproof, it will cost a lot more but your valuables will also be a lot more secure.

Finally, stick with a reputable brand.

Many safe manufacturers have been around for many years and have an excellent reputation and build secure safes, while other brands, may be made offshore and come with cheap steel or hinges. The old adage still holds – you get what you pay for. Do a search on the net or visit a reputable gun dealer in your city to find your options.
The bottom line to how to find the perfect gun safe is entirely up to you and your wants and needs. There is something that will fit your need – although if you are like many – it will cost more than you want to pay. Remember gun security is vital to protect yourself and family. Now go out and find a biometric gun safe for your self.

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