Choose A Biometric Gun Safe

Choose A Biometric Gun Safe

If you need to choose a biometric gun safe, out of the many that are available, it really is not that difficult. You just need to begin by knowing what you want out in it, and a few more things.

Before we list those few things, let’s review the advantages of a biometric gun safe. Most of the more popular biometric gun safes are small. They are capable of holding a hand gun or two and maybe some ammo and other little things. They can usually be mounted to a wall, shelf, in a drawer, and in some cases are meant to carry along with you.

Advantages of a Biometric Safe

The advantages of a biometric (or fingerprint) gun safe is its ease and quickness of opening. One just simply touches the fingerprint scanner pad and you are in. You don’t have to remember any combination or code and you don’t have to hunt and grab for a key. Particularly if you are frantic, in a hurry and in the dark.

6 Things To Look for when you Choose a Biometric Gun Safe

Now what do you look for when you choose a biometric gun safe?

First you need to know how big you want it, how many firearms do you plan on storing in it, or better yet, what do you want to store in it? Also, will you be purchasing any more hand guns in the future which you will want to add to the safe?

Second, we are assuming you are looking at a biometric (fingerprint) gun safe. Other safes have electronic, key or combination locks and may even be cheaper. But remember, nothing beats the quickness and simplicity of a biometric lock.

Three, do you want the safe to be fireproof? If so, you need to look for this since many biometric safes are NOT fireproof. Make sure the fireproof safe has been tested by independent labs like Underwrites Laboratories.

Fingerprint locks store varying numbers of fingerprints. The number varies by manufacturer so just make sure you know before you buy.

Fourthly, what kind of “back door” key is there in case your biometric lock won’t open. While these occurrences are very limited, they do happen from time to time.

Fifth, how well built is the safe? Does it use heavy duty steel? High quality hinges and/or bolts? Most of the bigger name gun safe manufacturers offer these.

Sixth and final, what options or accessories come with it? Some are battery and/or AC operated. Some come with a light. These are just a few of many.

The Bottom Line – If You Need to Choose A Biometric Gun Safe

When you need to choose a biometric gun safe – it all depends on what you want, or need, in the safe. If it is a reputable safe manufacturer, then most likely, you can’t go wrong in any safe you choose.

You can research them on the net and read reviews by actual owners or you can go to your local hunting or gun store and talk with them. They can offer many suggestions and possibly even show you some – first hand.

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